Congratulations, you’ve decided to book a cycling adventure with ExperiencePlus! You’ve made an excellent decision and we want you to know that we are here to help as you begin your planning.

We’ll provide you with detailed arrival and departure instructions (found in the “Travel Information” tab of each itinerary online) and travel tips based on our decades of experience.

*We are happy to help you coordinate your transportation to and from the tour, including arranging extra nights at the tour starting and/or ending hotels if you decide to arrive early or stay a little longer.

*Traveler Services not included in Explorer tour pricing. 

To provide you with the best possible service to all our travelers, help ensure availability and avoid potential cancellation penalties, we ask that you contact us with travel assistance requests no later than 30 days before your tour start.

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Help with Flights

We work with an air fare consolidator named Exito who offers professional help with complex and simple flight itineraries, great business class fares, and you can book directly through them. Contact us and we’ll gladly submit a request for you. An Exito representative will then contact you by email with a suggested quote and itinerary and you’ll be able to talk directly with them to work out the best itinerary for your personal trip with them. Some flight itineraries may incur a minor fee charged by the consolidator (usually between $25-$50), which will be clearly specified in the cost breakdown.

Help with Arrival and Departure

If you’re left scratching your head about train schedules or which bus to take to arrive to your tour, we’re happy to help.  If you are researching on your own, remember that schedules for most European trains aren’t released until 3, or sometimes 2  months prior to the departure date. More questions on trains? Look here!

Extra Nights at Tour Starting and Ending Hotels

If you would like to get some nights in at the starting location to beat the jet lag or want to enjoy local life some more after your tour is over, we’ll be delighted to help you arrange extra nights at the tour starting and ending hotels. We’ll ask the hotels to keep you in the same room for your entire stay so you won’t have to re-check-in when the tour starts or ends. We’ll reserve the room in your name, and you can pay for your extra stay directly once you are there – ExperiencePlus! won’t charge you for any extra nights.

If you are interested in an early check-in at hotels, we are unable to help. Check-in times and early release of rooms are at the discretion of hotels and subject to a variety of factors. If you arrive in the morning, most hotels will do their best to give you your room early. In the least, they will store your luggage for you.

Please email or call us at 1-800-685-4565 with your questions. We are available at the office M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST and yes, a human still answers the phone at ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.

More Travel Planning:

As you are planning and getting excited about your trip, don’t forget to check out our Travel Planning Section which provides you with a wealth of information about your destination and travel in general.  This is your on-line resource page for information and suggestions:

  • Travel insurance
  • Training programs
  • Packing lists and tips (pack light!)
  • Hotel recommendations per country
  • Movie and Reading lists per country
  • Handling money on tour and country-specific currency information
  • Electronics on tour, e.g. which adapter do you need now?
  • Typical cuisine you can expect, listed under the countries
  • Information on getting around in the countries you’re visiting
  • Language phrases and terms
  • And much, much more…
  • Also check out our blog with travel stories, tips and more!

Nadine Dirksen - A German native, Nadine is a happy Colorado transplant who moved from lush Bavaria when she married. She left the land of pretzels in 2012 and has been enjoying a fun life full of cycling, mountain biking, CrossFit, hiking, running and any other outdoor activity that involves her little black Dachshund-mix. When not having fun outside or at work, she tries her hand at different craft projects with varying success. She helps our travelers by answering all their questions before their tours and she can't wait to help you bring your dream trip to reality!

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