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The Azores, an archipelago of nine islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, have long held a position of strategic and cultural importance, in part shaping Portugal’s global influence.

Historically, their location made them pivotal for explorers, merchants, and navies, acting as a vital respite and provisioning point during the Age of Exploration. Portuguese explorers, particularly under the auspices of Prince Henry the Navigator in the 15th century, used the Azores as a stepping stone, furthering maritime exploration and the establishment of trade routes, including the slave trade, to Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

As a result, the islands became a melting pot, absorbing influences from Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Over the centuries, the Azores have cultivated and maintained a distinct identity, characterized by a deep connection to the sea. Set against the backdrop of volcanic landscapes, lush green pastures, and azure waters, a bicycle tour here will remind you that there are pockets of the world that although small, they have been extremely important in shaping and globalizing the world.

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Bicycle the Azores with ExperiencePlus

Gravel Explorer: Cycling the Azores

Cycle the rugged and stunning coastline, quiet back roads, verdant hills and lush valleys and forests of the Azore’s São Miguel Island from east to west. Experience the magical thermal hotspot of Furnas, cycle up and over the base of Pico de Vara and west through fishing villages on the north coast, climb the breathtaking Sete Cidades caldera and descend into its and volcanic lakes.
7 days
From USD$3295
Gravel Explorer Level 4.0
  • Oct 20, 2024 – Oct 26, 2024
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