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Cycling Vacations in Greece

Some say a bicycling tour in Greece offers everything a visitor could want: some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal blue water in the world, picturesque villages nestled amidst rolling limestone hills, and important historical, archaeological, and mythological sites.

Often referred to as "the cradle of Western civilization," Greece intrigues anyone even somewhat interested in history. Even in the modern capital of Athens you can wander through the Plaka (old Athens) and then up to the Acropolis, home to the columned Parthenon, which is considered the most important surviving building of Classical Greece. Almost every destination on our Greek trips boasts some significant temple or ruin; the most renowned include the ruins of Agamemnon's palace in Mycenae, the temple to sea god Poseidon in Poros, and the ruins of the first Olympic site in Olympia. You'll also be amazed by the exceptional acoustics at the famous theater in Epidauros, where you can easily hear a coin drop from even the farthest of the 15,000 seats.

Rick and Paola (our founders) first began to appreciate the wonders of Greece in the 1970's, when they spent two weeks traveling in the Peloponnese with Benjamin, their trusty donkey. In the years since then, we've found tour leaders who bring local knowledge and expertise to our tours.

Join us as we explore whitewashed villages, centuries old olive groves, quiet village squares and ruins that take us back to our origins. Stroll the cobbled streets of the towns we visit and stop at a café to taste Ouzo, the country's famous liquor. Pedal with us and explore Greece up close as you cycle alongside pastures of grazing sheep and orchards full of cherry, orange, walnut, and pistachio trees. Or, cruise with us aboard a private yacht and explore the Greek islands as the ancients did.

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