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    • Why ExperiencePlus!

      Great question. Here are eight reasons our travelers think we provide the most interesting cycling tours.

    • Staff & Tour Leaders

      ExperiencePlus! people – from our home office to overseas offices and all of our tour leaders from all over the world – are as diverse as you can imagine.

    • Our Bikes

      We take great pride in our bike fleet. We have full time mechanics on staff in season and equip all bikes with everything you might need for your rides.

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    Bicycle Tours in Europe and Latin America

    Global Cycling With Local Character

    We often wonder: what is it about bicycling that moves people so deeply?

    Is it the universal thrill of balancing on two wheels that unites people across diverse cultures and thousands of miles? Is it the bicycle’s size and human-powered pace, which are ideal for navigating the back alleyways, country roads and wilderness paths that reveal a place’s true nature? Or is it sheer exertion that causes air to feel fresher, food to taste better, sleep to be sounder, and all worldly cares to fall by the wayside?

    Whatever it is about bicycling that moves you, there’s no denying the magic of exploring the world by bike.

    Since our first guided cycling tour of Italy in 1972, our family pastime has become a family business, our bicycle routes are now found in more than 20 countries, our people have been recognized with awards, our customers keep coming backour library of resources is flourishing, and our reputation—as one of the longest-running, most trusted companies in the business—makes us beam with pride.

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    • Recipes

      Winter Vegetable Soup

      Here’s a toasty winter vegetable soup to keep you warm as you wait for spring to finally arrive. Serves 4 1 ½ tablespoons diced carrot 1 ½ tablespoons diced celery 2 tablespoons diced onion 2 sage leaves (or 1 teaspoon dried sage) 1 small red Serrano pepper or similar, diced 1-2 tablespoons olive oil 1 pound cauliflower tops (white and green), which turns...Read More »

    • Bicycle Tour Training

      Prepare to Succeed

      It’s about that time: it’s getting cold, dark, and breezy, and the idea of riding your bike outside may seem less and less appealing. So what now – how are you going to stay fit and motivated?  You have two options. Option 1: Hibernation, the couch, Netflix and the snack of your choice. Option 2: A defined...Read More »

    • Travel Stories

      Southern Spain's Andalucía Region - A Tour Leader's Perspective

      An Interview with our Spanish Country Coordinator and Senior Tour Leader about our bicycle tour in Andalucia: Joan you've been leading and coordinating tours for us in Spain since 2006 and we'd love to learn more about Andalucía and the riding that the area offers. Can you tell us about your five favorite cultural things about...Read More »