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Food in Cuba

As we like to say about many things in Cuba, it is a country experiencing continuous change.

Due to trade embargoes and the general economic situation, Cuba might not (yet) be known as a culinary destination and its cuisine is typical island cuisine incorporating local seafood, seasonal fruits and veggies with African, Carribean, Spanish, and Native American influences. Rice and beans are a popular staple.

The influx of tourism is helping to bring about more refined cuisine and on tour, you will experience the whole authentic spectrum from simple fare to more sophisticated dishes.  Breakfast will always have eggs, toast and fruit and expect lunches and dinners to have some combination of fresh seafood or chicken, rice, beans and fresh fruit.

We will do our very best to accommodate our travelers’ dietary needs. If you are a “pescatarian” and enjoy seafood, you will have plenty of options. However, strict vegetarian and vegan options are less common in Cuba. Plan on rice and beans, basic veggies (the avocados in Cuba are excellent!), and local fruits when and where available. You might want to bring your own supply of nuts or other protein substitutes.

If you have allergies or food restrictions, please contact us.