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Food in Denmark

Here’s what to expect in terms of typical food when traveling in Denmark

A typical Danish breakfast (morgenmad) consists of rye or white bread with cheese or jam. Adults drink coffee or tea with their breakfast. Children and young people often eat milk products with cereals. On Sundays, fresh-baked breakfast rolls with cheese or jams are on the menu, as well as wienerbrød, a custard-filled Danish pastry. ExperiencePlus! makes sure you also get more filling choices such as yogurt, cereals, fruits, cold cuts and cheese.

A typical Danish lunch (frokost) is cold and you will often encounter the open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød, which consists of slices of buttered rye bread and covered with a variety of e.g. sausage, sliced boiled eggs, fish, etc.

Dinner is Aftensmad, often also called middag, because it used to be in the middle of the day. It is nowadays the main meal of the day and families make an effort to gather for a hot meal in the evening. Over time, varieties of styles and international cuisine and gastronomical fashions have emerged that have influenced Danish dinners. Traditionally, they can be heavy on meat and potatoes but in the recent years, Danish cuisine has made a leap forward in the form of the New Nordic Cuisine, which is a renaissance of classic Danish dishes. These modernized versions of classic dishes have become known outside the country as well. For several years the NOMA restaurant won the title of best restaurant in the world, try to get a booking if you want to try this top restaurant!