Reserving Extra Hotel Nights

by Nadine Dirksen - Monday, April 10, 2017

Depending on your arrival and/or departure date, you may need to book an extra night at our tour starting and/or ending hotel(s). We are happy to help you with that – just shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 1-800-685-4565.

If you’re a hands-on planner, here are a few tips to make this easy. Refer to the arrival and departure information in the online itinerary specific to your tour for the beginning and ending hotels used on your tour. Make sure to read the information carefully as your group might meet at a meeting hotel and transfer to the tour start together.

If your tour is further than 6 months out, please check with us before making your travel arrangements!

If you’re traveling some more, you might like our country specific travel planning pages where we have an abundant amount of hotel suggestions for your plans outside your cycling trip. These hotels will need to be booked at your end.

As soon as you know your schedule, determine the hotels you need to reserve extra nights at and begin the reservation process. The earlier the better. To book extra nights, it’s best to contact the hotel directly. Let them know you are with the ExperiencePlus! bicycle group and mention the tour date so you aren’t required to change rooms once the tour begins or ends.

ExperiencePlus! does not receive commission for any pre or post tour booking that you make or that we make for you.

If you choose to contact the hotel by email:

  • Email the hotel to check on availability of rooms. When inquiring about dates, write out the month to avoid confusion with date formatting differences between countries (write January 7 instead of 1/7). Specify the number of people in the room and the number of beds you need in each room. Include your check in and check out dates. If you are booking at the tour starting or ending hotel specify that you are an ExperiencePlus! customer so they will know to assign you the same room that you have while on tour.
  • Allow one week for a response. If you have not heard back within a week, contact the hotel again, noting that this is your second request.
  • Reserve your rooms. Once you have been contacted about room availability, reserve your rooms. Most hotel websites have secure servers, which allow you to safely make credit card payments right from their site. Do NOT email your credit card information to hotels.
  • Make sure you receive confirmation of your reservation. 
  • Canceling your reservations. Make cancellations in writing. Do this by fax or email, and again, the earlier the better and make sure you receive confirmation.

If you choose to make your reservation online:

  • Use the hotel’s booking platform or an online hotel booking site (e.g. recommend booking refundable/flexible rates. In the comment box, let the hotel know you are with the ExperiencePlus! group and refer to the instructions above under E-Mail.
  • Make sure you receive confirmation of your reservation. 
  • Canceling your reservations. Make cancellations via the provided link in your confirmation or via your account with the booking platform.

When you travel:

  • Take the proper paperwork. Take all confirmations and correspondence you receive from the hotel(s) with you on your trip.
  • Pay the day you stay there. Pay your bill at the hotel. Hotels do not charge your credit card when you make a reservation unless you have chosen a non-refundable/pre-paid rate. They charge you the day of the reservation whether or not you show up.

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