Electronics and Internet in Cuba

by Nadine Dirksen - Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remember the days before smartphones? 

We are so used to being tied to our devices and being connected to the world all the time that it must seem strange to visit a foreign country and unplug entirely. Cuba is your chance to take a break from the world and embrace your travel experience!

Using Cell Phones and WIFI in Cuba

  • Cell phones are quite common in Cuba, but you will not find any US carriers with reliable service. We recommend you check with your cellular service provider.
  • If you have an unlocked quad-band GSM cell phone you will be able to use it  with a pre-paid Cuban SIM card.
  • The availability of internet is limited and you may find it difficult to connect. Though a hotel may indicate that there is WIFI available in the lobby it may not work unless you purchase an internet card from the hotel. In that case, keep in mind that the availability of internet cards might be limited and the connection may be slow.

Unplug from the world but still charge your devices!

Keep these two factors in mind when deciding to bring electronic devices:

Voltage: Depending on the region, the voltage in Cuba ranges between 110 V to 220 V and outlets should be marked accordingly. As a reminder, the voltage in the US and Canada is 120 V. This means that you will need a voltage converter for your devices if they don’t have a built-in converter. Devices with built-in converters usually include laptop computers and mobile phones. They come with the “brick”, or charger, that also has the voltage range they can handle written on it.

Adapters: Most outlets are of the same type as those in the U.S. and Canada. On top of that, you will likely encounter two- and three-pronged European style outlet types. Again, this depends on the region and type of accommodation. Find more information on adapters and converters for Cuba here.

Hair dryers – Need to tame your mane?

If you’d like to use a hair dryer we recommend that you bring your own as we can’t promise every hotel and Casa Particular will be equipped with one. Make sure to bring adapters and converters as needed.

Nadine Dirksen - A German native, Nadine is a happy Colorado transplant who moved from lush Bavaria when she married. She left the land of pretzels in 2012 and has been enjoying a fun life full of cycling, mountain biking, CrossFit, hiking, running and any other outdoor activity that involves her little black Dachshund-mix. When not having fun outside or at work, she tries her hand at different craft projects with varying success. She helps our travelers by answering all their questions before their tours and she can't wait to help you bring your dream trip to reality!

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