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Auction off a bike tour

ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours is proud to support a number of causes through donations from customers and by donating certificates for tours to auctions and fundraisers. In the past we have given tour certificates to theater and music organizations, educational foundations, development organizations and health foundations. 

Every year we will donate 3 – 4 certificates valued between $4000 and $5500.  If you are interested in requesting a certificate for a bicycle tour to use in your fundraising efforts please read the following requirements and submit the form below for our review. 

Our experience shows that if an event has a number of active and adventurous adults attending, and if they are aware prior to the event that an item like this will be available, then everyone wins!  But, we can’t stress how important it is to advertise a big ticket item like this as we have also seen certificates not garner the attention they should because of poor pre-event advertising.

  • Contribute 25% of the value of the certificate to ExperiencePlus! within 5 days of the event completion, the donation will be the remaining 75%.
  • Place the ExperiencePlus! logo on programs, website, emails and any promotional materials distributed for the event.
  • Receive approval for any copy that describes our tours or ExperiencePlus! prior to printing (we promise to respond within 1 business day of the copy approval request).
  • Consider if your organization’s event attendees will truly be interested in such a large ticket item – and if so, create excitement around the trip as this is a high value item – often live auctions bring in the highest bidder for these items.
  • Use the certificate code or actual certificate provided by ExperiencePlus! in the auction or fundraising event.
  • Notify ExperiencePlus! within 5 days of the event to who won the certificate so we can have that information for our records.
  • If the certificate is not sold, ExperiencePlus! must be notified within 5 days of the event.
  • One certificate for a trip that states the value and conditions – normally it will say something like this “This certificate is good for $XXXX to put towards an ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tour departure. Call for Tour Availability. Itineraries and dates available on Deposit may still be required and refunded after trip runs. Expiration date xxxx.
  • Copy, photos and tour finders for use during auction for any display.
  • Digital logos, photos and materials for websites or emails.
  • Certificate has no cash value, so refunds will not be given to traveler if they book a tour worth less than the certificate value.
  • The certificate is good for travel on a departure (some restrictions may apply) starting prior to December 31 of the next tour season.
  • Traveler will be responsible for the balance if they book a tour worth more than the certificate.
  • Travelers may split the certificate among two people, but they must be on the same departure and book the tour at the same time period.
  • Committee organizers or persons associated with the organization requesting donation may not be eligible to win or redeem certificate.
  • Filling out the request form does not automatically mean you will receive a certificate.

Tour Donation Request Form

ExperiencePlus! is happy to consider donation requests with a minimum of two month’s lead time prior to fundraising events.

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We will provide a gift certificate with estimated value, FAQs and terms and conditions.


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