Cozy hotels on our guided tours in Europe

Our Hotels and Meals

Our accommodations capture the culture and history of your destination. You will enjoy a mix of lodging styles on tour that showcase mom and pop hospitality with modern amenities.

Hotels With Character and Comfort

We prefer to stay at locally owned and operated hotels that give you a feel for regional history and culture. From old Abbeys to restored castles, you’ll enjoy unique rooms with character – and comfort! From enjoying a post-ride cocktail at a charming bar in a refurbished 16th-century Portuguese convent, to taking a refreshing swim in a pool overlooking Italian vineyards, you’ll be staying at some of the best local accommodations in town. 

Fresh, Traditional, Unforgettable Meals.

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." Luciano Pavarotti

Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to connect with local culture. For centuries people have gathered around meals to share stories and pass down traditions. Food is intricately tied to community and culture which is why we put so much thought into each restaurant and menu selection on our tours.

When eating dinner together on tour, our leaders don't simply suggest a 'good dish' they will explain the tradition and origin of the local specialties you are about to enjoy.

Well located hotels with character are an integral part of our tours. Every hotel you stay in will be a unique expression of the culture and region you are visiting. Be it a renovated farm house that now serves as a hotel and spa or castle turned to premium hotel you will enjoy historic architecture, colorful decor and unparalleled comfort each night on tour.

Arrive at your hotel with a warm welcome from your tour leaders, find your luggage waiting in your room, and take a look at your welcome note with several suggestions for you to explore that evening.  After a shower, hit the town before rejoining the group for a local meal.

From picnic lunches sourced from local markets, to intimate dinners, you will enjoy the specialties of every region you visit. Our tour leaders work directly with restaurant staff to ensure that your dinners highlight regional specialties. Special dietary requests are another high priority of ours; we provide diverse, and delicious meals that meet all dietary needs.

*Wine is included with every dinner that is provided on your tour. Like the ingredients of your meal, you’ll learn about the history, grapes, and characteristics of your wine as you raise a glass to great travel companions and new friends made along the way on your bicycle tour. 

*Explorer tours do not include wine. 

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