Leg 21 AllTrails Expedition: Bari to Rome (TourzPlus!)

  • Itinerary Summary

    ExperiencePlus! has partnered with Australian company AllTrails to bring you Cycle Leg 21 and expedition from Bari to Rome.

    Cycle Legs rides are designed not just as a bike tour to get from A to B, but a way to experience the cultures, people, environments and ways of life across the globe. These rides are not just a tour, but an achievement. We cycle the back-roads off the beaten track and through famous historic cities, past rivers, lakes and over mountains. You are beating a new path with AllTrails and you are part of the expedition. It is something that you can be proud of completing, yet it is within reach of almost anyone who is adventurous enough to commit to it.

    This ride begins in the port town of Bari where we set off to cross Italy from East to West passing over undulating countryside that ebbs and flows with the hills and dales of this magnificent landscape of orchards of olives and fruit. There are monasteries high in the hills and in little villages along the route before we drop down to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the world famous Amalfi Coast which presents stunning coastal beauty and intrigue with the towns & cities of Sorrento, Naples, and Pompeii, before we head north parrallel to the coast on our final stretch into Rome.

    If you are interested in doing all three legs, making your total journey 37 days of riding from Bari, Italy to Paris combine this tour with Leg 22 and Leg 23.

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    1. Day 1: Welcome to Italy - June 15

      Highlights: Bari

      Bari is the capital city of the province of Bari (of the Apulia region) situated on the Adriatic Sea. Bari is made up of four different urban sections, the north is a closely built old town on the peninsula and home to the magnificent Basilica of Saint Nicholas, and the Swabian Castle, now a major nightlife district. The south is the Murat quarter, the modern heart of the city, with a promenade on the sea and major shopping district (the via Sparano and via Argiro). Welcome dinner tonight.

    2. Day 2: Bari to Altamura - June 16

      Highlights: Altamura

      Leaving the coast, it's always up, then through lovely little Italian villages, hundreds of years old with quite original buildings. Tonight is in Altamura, a town famous for its bread, also for the discovery of a 400,000 year old calcified 'Altamura Man' found in a nearby limestone cave. This ancient city has many tumuli mounds (graves) and walls, some built in the 3rd century BC. The Altamura Cathedral is also the pride of present day. Cycling Distance: 57 km (35 miles).

    3. Day 3: Altamura to Venosa - June 17

      Highlights: Orchards and the Appian Way

      We leave this fascinating city and pass through Gravina, an important town for the Greeks, Apulians, Normans, Byzantines and Lombards in the Western Murgia. Murgia is a cast plateau that is a sub-region of Apulia, making for a desolate and beautiful cycling haven with olive groves as the only plants hearty enough to live here! This afternoon we arrive in Venosa, named after Venus or goddess Aphrodite. In 190 BC the Appian Way was extended from Rome to Venosa. Lots of history in and around the hills. Cycling Distance: 87 km (54 miles).

    4. Day 4: Venosa to Contursi Terme - June 18

      Highlights: Pastoral views and thermal spas

      You'll leave Venosa this morning and pedal through small towns at the base of an extinct volcano (one of these gives us the warm thermal waters you'll find at your hotel). This is agricultural and pastoral land so you may see herds of sheep or goats as you pedal. We're also now in Irpinia, a sub-region between Basilicata and Apulia that was hit very hard by an earthquake in the 1980's. You'll still see signs of damage and abandoned farmhouses as locals fled the area for larger cities. We're in a thermal town this evening, famous for it's plethora of hot springs harnessed for beauty and relaxation treatment spas in all the local hotels. Cycling Distance: 96 km (60 miles).

    5. Day 5: Contursi Terme to Salerno - June 19

      Highlights: Salerno, Amalfi Coast

      When you cross Italy from side to side, you have hills that take you through fabulous country before the seaside. This is no exception, as we head down to Salerno, in Campania Region. You will see the boats and jetties, extending out, and the start of the Amalfi coast. This city also has many memories, however manufacturing and harbour play a big part in todays city. Cycling Distance 73 km (45 miles).

    6. Day 6: Salerno, Sorrento to Naples -June 20

      Highlights: Spectacular coastal ride

      Today's ride is exciting as you cycle along the coast; mansions overlooking the sea below, sheer drops which are fortunately on the other side of the road. This road is so spectacular, it is listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site. About half way along the coast road you'll find the township of Amalfi which has spectacular opportunities for sightseeing - be sure to stop here for a while and take your camera with you. The area also noted for limoncello (lemon) liquer, bambagina which is hand made thick paper and handmade ceramics. This afternoon you'll cross the peninsula to Sorrento and catch the ferry to Naples for a well earned rest day. Dinner is together. Cycling Distance: 58 km (36 miles).

    7. Day 7: Rest Day Naples - June 21

      Highlights: Explore Naples and beyond or relax

      Naples is a busy place and not for bikes. We suggestion taking the train to Pompeii to see the incredible discoveries of remnants of Mt. Vesuvuis Volcano destruction. Or Naples had plenty of attractions including the harbour, architecture, Palace, the actual historic city centre, another World Heritage Site. Naples is also recognised as the birth place of the Italian pizza. A great place to relax and share the culinary delights with friends. Dinner is on your own. No riding today.

    8. Day 8: Naples to Baia Domizia - June 22

      Highlights: Escape the city

      Leaving Naples it isn't too long before we get back to appealing scenery along the coast and the town of Baia Domizia where the beach was created by a volcano. This is a new tourist town, with lots of greenery and pine trees, part of the Regional Park. A swim would be hard to resist. Dinner is on your own. Cycling Distance: 96 km (60 miles).

    9. Day 9: Baia Domizia to Anagni - June 23

      Highlights: Abbey de Montecassimo, Anagni

      We cross the plains of Campania to the massive Abbey de Montecassimo. This abbey was badly damaged in the 2nd World War after surviving since 584 BC. We cycle backroads to Anagni, an ancient town in the hills outside of Rome. Bounded by Roman walls it is compact, with narrow streets and steep lanes. This is an archaic town, with servian walls dating back to 3rd century BC. A great place for our last night before Rome. Dinner is together. Cycling Distance: 131 km (81 miles).

    10. Day 10: Anagni to Rome - June 24

      Highlights: Rome

      We pedal through Colli Albani, south of Rome and also part of the ancient Appian Way. This is the original cobble stones, very rough on a road bike, but we persevere for a short distance before weaving our way through little villages to this amazing city. Congrats, welcome to Rome. Dinner is together. Cycling distance: 73 km (45 miles).

    11. Day 11: Rome - June 25

      Highlights: Rome

      Our tour ends this morning but there is plenty to do and see. Visit St Peters Basilica, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, all part of this structural marvel, the dome beautified by Michaelangelo. The Colloseum is another Italian treasure, its size and history is fascinating, where you can sit down and try to imagine the scene of many deadly gladiatorial and wild animal duals to the death, amid the roar of the crowd. The Pantheon, built around AD118-125 and the Piazza is spectacular. Whatever you do, enjoy.

    • Highlights

      Bari Peninsula, Rugged mountain range of Campania in southern Italy, Amalfi drive along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii, Rome Collosseum, St Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, The Appian Way and the gateway, giant turrets of the Porta San Sebastiano
    • Includes

      Use of a quality 27 - 30 speed bicycle; 10 nights accommodation in comfortable 3 and 4 star properties; 10 breakfasts, 6 dinners; ferry tickets Sorrento to Naples; bilingual tour leaders; van support
    • Countries

    • Begin/End

      Bari / Rome
    • Arrive/Depart

      Bari or Rome
    • Total Distance

      671 km (417 miles)
    • Daily Distance

      Average 84 km per day (52 miles)
    • Rating

      501 This is one of our most challenging tours expect long mileage days
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