301-Level Bicycle Tours

301-Level Tours

For riders who enjoy some climbing every day. These tours are best suited to intermediate level recreational riders. Fit beginners will likely do well but may want to shuttle on days with steeper climbs.
  • Average daily mileage: 50 to 75 km (35 – 45 miles). Be sure to check the day by day itinerary description for the tour you are considering for specific mileages.
  • Terrain: For 301 tours expect cumulative daily climbs of 1,500 – 2,000 feet and several days of climbing in excess of 3,000 feet. You might encounter some longer mileage 80 – 90 km (50 -60 miles) days with rolling terrain. You'll find specific information on the "Tour Facts" page of each itinerary where you see the tour rating.

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