The ExpeditionPlus! Concept: Cycling for Explorers

Exploration on a continental scale

Unlike our “normal” tours, our Expeditions are all about covering expansive territory.  They’re about the challenge of pedaling across continents.  They include the best of a regular ExperiencePlus! tour with the added satisfaction of cycling long distances, far from the beaten track.  Expeditions are for folks who want to be among the first, the few, the special. Because Expeditions differ in some ways from our 'normal' tours, we ask interested travelers to apply for Expeditions to ensure they are indeed the right style of tour for them. 

The ExpeditionPlus! difference

Our Expeditions are designed to appeal to cyclists of any age.  All you need is cycling experience, endurance and the heart of an explorer!

  • Daily mileage will be significantly longer than our normal tours.
  • Enrollment in an Expedition is subject to an application process.  This ensures that everyone on the trip is capable of riding long distances and enjoying the Expedition.
  • Expeditions are generally less expensive per night than our regular tours.
  • Recycle credits are not included but can be redeemed.
  • The route may not have been scouted in advance.
  • Some lodging will not have been inspected in advance.
  • Hotel quality will generally be 3 stars with a private bathroom 90% of the time; occasionally we'll be in a 2 or 4 star hotel. You should be prepared for some accommodations that offer certain cultural experiences (such as having postage size towels or local fauna in the front yard) but hey, that's part of the adventure!
  • We do our best to fulfill Private Room requests on ExpeditionPlus! tours but due to the route, there may be occasions that rooms will have to be shared at some remote and smaller hotels. 
  • Approximately 70% of dinners will be included (see detailed itineraries for specifics).
  • There will be van support, but it is limited. Instead of seeing the van throughout the day you may only see it once. If you need a ride you may have to wait until after it has arrived at the hotel, deposited the luggage and double backs for you. Tour leaders will be in communication with each other via cell phones.
  • Because we may be testing new routes, you might encounter sections with traffic or gravel.
  • Though we'll hold daily briefings, we may not have all the answers each day.
  • You must sign a waiver acknowledging the risks involved in such a trip if you opt not to take out Travel Insurance. We advise on how to obtain insurance but it is the responsibility of the expedition participant.
  • Meals together will not include alcoholic drinks.
  • Tour Leader gratuity is included in ExpeditionPlus! tour pricing.
  • A sense of adventures is the best asset to bring to an ExpeditionPlus! trip.

ExpeditionPlus! similarities

Our Expeditions are unique in many ways.  But they will include many highlights that have made our regular ExperiencePlus! bicycle tours so popular since 1972:

  • You’ll enjoy the same quality of pre-tour support.  (Yes, a human will answer the phone when you call us!  We’d love to hear from you.)
  • Use of high-quality bicycle is included in the price.
  • Luggage will be shuttled between daily destinations.
  • Route maps will be provided.
  • Daily briefings will be held to preview the day’s ride.
  • The route will be designed by ExperiencePlus!, working with local experts.
  • We'll always seek the most genuine local & regional cuisine.
  • We'll have one or two ExperiencePlus! tour leaders along and a bilingual local leader.

Join us on our next Expedition 

Call today to learn more about our upcoming Expeditions.  This is truly the experience of a lifetime for any serious cyclist.  We’d love to include you in our next Expedition.

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