Cycle through beautiful landscapes in Patagonia

Guided Bike Tour Types

We know that one size does not fit all. With decades of experience in operating cycling and active vacations, we know there are fundamental elements that make some tours stand above others such as quality bikes and equipment, safe roads and good route designs, exquisite food, great guides and fascintaing sites.  But, there are as many ways to put together a cycling vacation as there are types of cyclists. We've categorized our trips in a few ways: level, lodging style and tour design.  We invite you to browse away and contact us if you are looking for a particular type of trip you don't see. You can also filter tours by date and destination on our interactive tour finder.


Tours By Level

Our tour levels summarize the total milage, elevation gain, terrain and number of days on the bike to help you determine if a bicycle tour is suited to your physical capabilities and interest. Additionaly, each itinerary includes daily mileage, elevation gain and terrain level descriptions.

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Bike and Boat

Arguably the best part of bike and boat tours: you only have to unpack once because you’ll sleep in the same bed on board your boat each night. Spend your day cycling through small villages and stunning cities from Amsterdam to Bruges and relax in the evening as you enjoy a drink on deck while cruising calm canals. Or, if you are more of an sea lover, cruise the Mediterranean while Cycling Croatia’s Islands by Bike and Boat, and explore picturesque islands followed by a refreshing dip in the salty waters as you look out at Croatia’s stunning limestone coastline. No matter what your choice, you can look forward to settling into your cozy cabin and only unpacking your bags once as you explore new places each day.

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Unlike our “normal” bike tours, our Expeditions are all about long-distance exploration and the challenge of pedaling across continents. They include the best of a regular ExperiencePlus! tour with the added satisfaction of pedaling longer distances taking travelers across multiple countries. Expeditions are for folks who want long days in the saddle followed by fantastic meals and a good night’s sleep before doing it all over again. Join us on our 2019 Copenhagen to Paris Expedition!

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TourzPlus Trips

Over the years we realized we couldn't design and develop trips everywhere you might want to go. We’ve partnered with a small number of tour operators around the world who provide tours that meet our quality standards. You will find some differences between their tours and ExperiencePlus! tours. For instance there won't be ExperiencePlus! signature chalk dust arrows to lead the way so you will follow route maps and written directions, or, in some cases, you may ride as a group.

TourzPlus!  tours are listed among ours, so they’re easy to find. You can book them through us just as you’d book one of our own tours. Read more about our TourzPlus Trips here.

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