Expedition Tour Style

Ride. Rest. Repeat. Relish it all! 

Expeditions are for folks who want long days in the saddle followed by hearty meals and a good night’s sleep —  and then doing it all over again. Expeditions are all about long-distance exploration and the challenge of pedaling across continents. They include the best of what we know makes and excellent tour: good route design, local guides and insightful local experiences, with the added satisfaction of pedaling longer distances and crossing multiple countries. This is for those who truly want to pedal from point A to point B. 

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What to Expect

  • Lodging: Accommodations on Expedition tours are generally 3 star-hotels with a private bathroom 90% of the time with the occasional 2- or 4-star hotel. Be prepared for some accommodations that offer certain cultural experiences (such as having postage stamp size towels or local fauna in the front yard) but hey, that's part of the adventure! We cannot always guarantee single and private rooms in every hotel due to the size of some establishments. 
  • Meals: Meals on our Expedition tours are as important as having a good bike! We'll always seek the most genuine local and regional cuisine and make sure that you have enough energy for the next day. Breakfasts will almost always be at the hotel and lunches on the road (either as a pack lunch or we'll recommend cafes and grocery stores on the way where you can get picnic supplies). 
  • Tour Design: Expeditions are designed to ensure the satisfaction of covering large distances, far from the beaten track. Because we design these routes to give you the experience of pedaling across continents, daily mileage will be significantly longer than other tour styles. 
  • Bikes: On Expedition tours in Europe choose between high-quality lightweight titanium hybrid or road bikes, e-bikes (limited to 2 per Expedition), or tandem bikes on these tours. See more details at our bikes page. Expeditions in other parts of the world will have the best available bike selection for the terrain and routes. 
  • Terrain: On Expeditions, you can encounter sections with traffic or gravel.
  • Navigation: The ExperiencePlus! navigational chalk arrow is your primary tool for navigating on Expedition tours. The arrows are an extension of the tour leader who is marking the route that morning - they can point you to the best views, encourage you with cheers on climbs, smiles at the top of hills, and direct you to that special bakery. In addition, GPS-tracks for standard routes will be provided (GPS-tracks not available for South America Expeditions). 
  • Tour Leaders: Expedition tours will be led by a team of tour leaders, depending on group size. Learn more about our tour leaders at our tour leader page.
  • Van Support: Expedition tours will have limited van support. Instead of seeing the van throughout the day you may only see it once. If you need a ride you may have to wait until after it has arrived at the hotel, deposited the luggage and double backs for you. 

What's Included

All ExperiencePlus! tours have the three most important aspects of a guided bike tour as part of each experience: 

  • Superb tour leaders who are fun and multilingual, bi-cultural experts, and cycling enthusiasts. They're experienced to help you navigate confidently on and off the road.
  • High quality bikes that are appropriately selected for the terrain you are traveling through and are fit and prepared just for you. 
  • Thoughtfully designed itineraries and routes that maximize the cycling experience in each destination and that takes advantage of the freedom a bike is meant to enable — but without making you feel unsupported or alone.

Our Expeditions are designed to appeal to cyclists of any age. All you need is cycling experience, endurance and be up for the challenge. All Expedition tours include the following: 

  • Comfortable lodging, generally in 3 star, and occasionally in 2- and 4-star hotels.
  • All breakfasts & at least half of your dinners. Pack lunches on some days. Alcoholic beverages not included at group dinners.
  • Although we work hard to select the appropriate routes, on Expedition tours we may not have scouted every single mile in advance.
  • Limited van support. Instead of seeing the van throughout the day you may only see it once. If you need a ride you may have to wait until after it has arrived at the hotel, deposited the luggage and double backs for you
  • Tour leader gratuities are included in Expedition tours pricing. 
  • All tips and gratuities at tour hotels and group meals.
  • Navigation with our famous chalk arrows providing scenic rides and assurance that you have the freedom to travel at your own pace.
  • GPS tracks. (Not available on South America Expeditions).
  • Complimentary gift.
  • Traveler Services: Assistance with transportation to and from the tour, including arranging extra nights at the tour starting and/or ending hotels.
  • All the fun (and more) that you expect from your vacation.

What's not included:

  • Transportation to and from the bicycling tour including airfare, or ground transportation. 
  • Helmets - we ask that you bring your own to ensure the safest fit.
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary.
  • Recycle credits are not earned on Expedition tours but can be redeemed.


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