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As we approach the one year anniversary of the global pandemic that brought international travel to a halt we decided we could all use some bicycle touring options closer to home.

Introducing ExperiencePlus! tours in the USA – in partnership with Black Sheep Adventures. These tours will not be exactly the same as cycling through rural Italy or medieval France – but we promise the routes are beautiful, the hotels are delightful and the food is delicious. You will navigate using tracks from Ride With GPS so there won’t be any chalk dust arrows (since many of these places don’t have that many roads), however we still promise you the superb support you are used to on all our trips.

These trips are specifically designed to take into account COVID-19 safety protocols and have flexible payment options because of the uncertainty that surrounds travel these days.

  • All tours begin and end in the same place so you can drive to the start and park your car if you don’t want to fly.
  • Trips are designed with very few shuttles specifically to minimize time in an enclosed van. Capacity of the vans will also be managed carefully.
  • Group dining will be outside as much as possible.
  • We can add a private date exclusively for your group with a minimum of 4 people if you prefer to stick to your pod of folks.
  • If you are driving you can bring your own bike and save $200!
  • We will delay final payments until we believe the trips will run and added flexible cancellation policies with 100% transfer options until 31 days before the trip. See our USA Terms in Section 3 of our Terms and Conditions page for details.
  • If you have money on account from a cancelled tour in Europe or South America you can use up to $500 of those funds on any trip listed below.
If you are looking for a trip in a region not listed below but closer to your home (Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado) don’t hesitate to reach out. Between ExperiencePlus! and Black Sheep Adventures we probably have an itinerary we can put together for you if you have a small group of people interested.

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