ExpeditionPlus! - Bicycle Across Scandinavia

ExpeditionPlus! - Bicycle Across Scandinavia

The latest entry in the ExperiencePlus! expedition style cycling trip. This ride takes you across Sweden, Denmark and Norway, pedaling east to west through Sweden, down the Danish coast into Copenhagen and then west with a ferry to the Norwegian town of Stavanger and up to Bergen, capital of the fjord region.

***Read more about the ExpeditionPlus! concept to see if this type of tour is for you.

We require that all participants complete the Expedition Acknowledgement form which emphasizes the daily protocols on an ExpeditionPlus! ride. ***

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Trip At-A-Glance

Trip At-A-Glance

  • Length / 26 Days
  • Total Distance / 2150 kms (1335 miles)
  • Avg. Distance / 45-120 kms. (28 - 75 miles) Longer days when less elevation, shorter days with more elevation per riding day
  • Tour Level & Tour Style / 1.0
  • Countries / Denmark, Norway, Sweden
  • Begin/End / Uppsala, Sweden / Bergen, Norway
  • Price / From USD$11695
Tour Summary

Tour Summary

  • Highlights
    • Uppsala Cathedral and University
    • ,
    • picturesque villages
    • ,
    • Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden
    • ,
    • Örebro Castle and the "Mushroom"
    • ,
    • Eksjö's wooden houses
    • ,
    • Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city
    • ,
    • Varberg's Kallbadhus ("old Baths")
    • ,
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • ,
    • Aarhus - 2017's European Capital of Culture
    • ,
    • Fjord country

    Keep in Mind: We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

    Though we do our best to accommodate people who prefer their own rooms it may not always be possible. ExpeditionPlus! tours will test you both physically and mentally. By prepared for anything. We require that all participants complete the Expedition Acknowledgement form which emphasizes the daily protocols on an ExpeditionPlus! ride.
  • Includes
    26 days, 25 nights' accommodation; use of quality titanium road or hybrid bicycle; all breakfasts, 70% packed lunches, 60% dinners (drinks not included); luggage transfers / van support; 2 ExperiencePlus! tour leaders and a local guide for each country

  • Arrive / Depart
    Stockholm, Sweden / Bergen Norway
  • Overall Tour Level
    1.0 difficulty level 1.0

    Expect approx. 70 mile days on this expedition with flat and rolling terrain in Sweden and Denmark for the first 2/3 of the tour and then mountainous terrain for the last third of the trip in Norway. While we have designed the trip to match the prevailing wind patterns, head or side winds may occur throughout the trip. Rain or colder weather may also add challenges. For those who have done the St. Petersburg to Istanbul Expedition this tour will have similar terrain. It will be less mountainous than the Italia 150 or Venice to Kalamata but mountainous terrain in Norway will provide some cycling challenges.

  • Daily Ride Summary




    Day Level



Terrain Legend

Gentle Gentle

Rolling hills Rolling hills

Hilly Hilly

Very hilly Very hilly

Mountainous Mountainous

Daily Itinerary
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DAY 1: July 3, 2016 Uppsala

Highlights: Uppsala Cathedral and University

Your Expedition begins in Uppsala, one of Sweden's biggest cities, home of Carolus Linnaeus. Meet today for introductions and a brief safety talk before getting your bike fitted and then taking a short warm-up ride.

Don't miss a visit to the Uppsala Cathedral and University, the oldest one in Scandinavia.

  • Meals: Dinner

DAY 2: July 4, 2016 Uppsala to Vasteras

Highlights: Lake Mälaren and Vasteras's Old Town

Today you will cycle south-west, toward the city of Vasteras, colloquially nicknamed "the Cucumber City". As you approach Vasteras, you can admire Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden.

Distance: 80 km/50 miles

DAY 3: July 5, 2016 Vasteras to Örebro

Highlights: Örebro Castle and the "Mushroom"

Your ride today takes you to the university city of Örebro, beautifully located on River Svartan, near Lake Hjälmaren. Örebro is mostly famous for its castle and for its water tower, nicknamed "the Mushroom", from which it is possible to admire a beautiful view.

Distance: 100 km/62 miles

DAY 4: July 6, 2016 Örebro to Vadstena

Highlights: Scenic Vadstena

We start our first long day of the Expedition tour today and once again your destination is a beautiful city on a lake. Vadstena is famous for its castle and gorgeous views.

Distance: 122 km (76 miles)

DAY 5: July 7, 2016 Vadstena to Eksjö

Highlights: picturesque wooden homes in Eksjö

Enjoy a view of Lake Vättern, Sweden's second largest, as you ride your bike south, toward the town of Eksjö. Make sure you allow time for a stroll to admire Eksjö's wooden houses.

Distance: 123 km (76 miles)

DAY 6: July 8, 2016 Eksjö to Ulricehamn

Highlights: another glimpse of Lake Vättern and Ulricehamn

As you head west to make your way to Gothenburg, you will tourch the southernmost end of Lake Vättern. Spend the night in Ulricehamn, a small town, busier in the winter thanks to its ski center.

Distance: 124 km (77 miles)

DAY 7: July 9, 2016 Ulricehamn to Gothenburg

Highlights: Gothenburg

Today you reach Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, after a long scenic ride. Take some time to walk around Gothenburg, once a glorious trade city.

Distance: 125 km (78 miles)

DAY 8: July 10, 2016 Rest day in Gothenburg

Highlights: the City of Gothenburg

Enjoy your first rest day of the tour with a visit of "Stockholm's little sister". Feel free to explore this vibrant city and the many attractions it has to offer: the museum of art, the fish market, the old district (Haga) and much more.

DAY 9: July 11 2016 Gothenburg to Varberg

Highlights: ride along the coast, the city of Varberg, white sand beaches

Your ride today follows the coast and takes you south to Varberg, a city famous for its sandy beaches and its natural surroundings. One of the must-sees in Varberg is Kallbadhus ("old Baths"), make sure to take a look!

Distance: 115 km (78 miles) or 138 km (86 miles)

DAY 10: July 12, 2016 Varberg to Båstad

Highlights: Secluded Coast Line and Coastal Views

Today you head south once again and ride along the coast. After this gorgeous ride you reach the last Swedish destination of our tour: Båstad. This town is very well known for its ATP tennis tournament.

Distance: 132 km/82 miles

DAY 11: July 13, 2016 Båstad to Copenhagen

Highlights: ride along the coast, ferry to Denmark and Copenhagen

Your ride today is divided into two almost equal sections (before and after the ferry that will take you from Helsingbørg, Sweden to Helsingor, Denmark) and leads you to the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen.

Distance: 132 km (82 miles) 20 minute ferry ride.

DAY 12: July 14, 2016 Rest day in Copenhagen

Highlights: Free day in Copenhagen

Today you will spend the second rest day of our trip in Copenhagen. The city has much to offer to tourists: from alternative Christiania to the Little Mermaid statue; from Tivoli Gardens to the National Museum and National Gallery. You will certainly find something exciting to see and do on your rest day!

DAY 13: July 15, 2016 Copenhagen to Aarhus

Highlights: Art in Aarhus

Once you get to Aarhus, Denmark's second biggest city, you will find it easy to see why it was chosen for the title of "2017 European Capital of Culture". One museum in particular (ARoS Art Museum) is worth a visit, also thanks to its unique "Rainbow panorama" glass circular skywalk.

Distance: 2 hour ferry + 131 km (81 miles)

DAY 14: July 16, 2016 Aarhus to Silkeborg

Highlights: Denmark's highest point!

A very relaxed and peaceful ride today will take you to the town of Silkeborg as you pedal Denmark's tallest "mountain".

Dstaince: 90 km (56 miles)

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 15: July 17, 2016 Silkeborg to Aalborg

Highlights: Aalborg Waterfront

Today you will cycle north, toward Aalborg. Hometown of Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera House, this city is perfect for a stroll on the fjord shore, where the Utzon center is located.

Distance: 145 km (90 miles)

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 16: July 18, 2016 Aalborg to Skagen

Highlights: Viking burial mound "Lindholm Hoje", Hulsig-Skagen bike path

Much to see on the last leg of the tour in Denmark. Just a few miles north of Aalborg you can visit one of the most important Viking burial mounds, called Lindholm Hoje. Later on, a lovely bike path will take you from Hulsig to Skagen. The latter houses one of the most important museums in Denmark: the Skagens Museum. On your last evening in Denmark, make sure you have some delicious seafood in one of Skagen's restaurants.

Distance: 115 km (72 miles)

DAY 17: July 19, 2016 Skagen to Hirtshals

Highlights: Leisurely coastal cycling, night ferry to Norway

Take it easy today as we have a low mileage ride to Hirtshals, one of Denmark's most important ports for ferries and ships to Norway. You'll board the ship and check into your overnight cabin for a night crossing of the North Sea.

Distance: 52 km/32 miles, overnight ferry to Norway

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 18: July 20, 2016 Arrive in Bergen Norway

Highlights: Rest day in Bergen

Take a much deserved day of rest today as you explore Bergen, one of the most beautiful cities in Fjord Norway. Tonight we'll have an orientation walk of the city before dinner on your own.

DAY 19: July 21, 2016 Ferry and pedal Bergen to Voss

Highlights: Experience Fjord Norway by train and bike.

We'll hop a train today from Bergen to Stanghelle, and then we'll pedal along the Eksingedalen Valley to Voss. Voss has the reputation of being the base camp for Norway's booming adventure tourism industry. We'll explore this tiny town today after our ride before dinner together.

Distance: 67 kms (42 miles) and 40 minute train.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 20: July 22, 2016 Voss to Ulvik

Highlights: Waterfalls, Fjord and local fruit farm visit

Today we have a short ride to the innermost reaches of the Hardangerfjord. If you're legs are still are looking for a challenge we can recommend some an extra riding as well.

Distance: 43 km (27 miles)

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 21: July 23, 2016 Ulvik to Øystese

Highlights: Cycling along the Hardangerfjord with View to the Folgefonna glacier

Today we will have some more beautiful cycling through the fjord country as well as a few short ferry rides.

Distance: 100 km (62 miles) 2 ferries

  • Meals: Dinner

DAY 22: July 24, 2016 Pedal to Rosendal, Norway

Highlights: Steinsdalsfossen waterfall and the Barony Rosendal Castle.

Today we continue biking along the Hardangerfjord to the picturesque town of Rosendal. In the afternoon we'll visit the Barony Rosendal Castle.

Distance:: 75 km (47 miles)

DAY 23: July 25, 2016 Bicycle Rosendal to Leirvik

Highlights: Visit Haaheim Gaard with lunch

Today will take a ferry to the island of Tysnes which we will cycle around on our way to Leirvik. Tonight we will enjoy a meal at one of the best restaurants in Norway, Brygga 11. Chef Geir Skeje won the prestigious Bocuse d'Or in 2009.

Distance 93 km (58 miles) Ferry ride.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 24: July 26, 2016 Leirvik to Bekkjarvik

Highlights: Bekkjarvik Guesthouse and World Class Meals

Today we will have a short cycle and ferry ride to the small but picturesque village of Bekkjarvik. For those looking to stretch your legs a bit more you can bike out to Storekalsøy, 13 km each way with bridges, islands, beautiful views. You can also take a short walk on part of the North Sea Trail on Storeskalsøy to the natural amphitheatre at Marstein Lighthouse. Our hotel tonight is a historic guesthouse where another renowned Chef (and winner of the Bocuse d'Or 2015) works.

Distance: 51 km (32 miles) + 26km optional ride

DAY 25: July 27, 2016 Bicycle back to Bergen

Highlights: Heimelaga Cafe, Beautiful views as we cycle over the bridges from Huftarøy to Storebø

Coming back to Bergen is a bit like coming home! You know the lay of the land go out and explore this marvelous city before we feast tonight to celebrate your ride across Scandinavia.

Distance: 55 km (34 miles)

DAY 26: July 28, 2016 Trip ends in Bergen!

Highlights: Bergen

Our trip ends this morning in Bergen. There are lots of fjords to still be explored if you want to spend more time in the region. We hope you enjoy the spectacular scenery. It would be a shame to come to Norway and not visit Oslo. You can easily fly between the two cities, but we recommend taking the Bergen Railway touted to be the most exciting and beautiful train ride in the world.

Travel Information

Travel Information

Keep in Mind

We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

Though we do our best to accommodate people who prefer their own rooms it may not always be possible. ExpeditionPlus! tours will test you both physically and mentally. By prepared for anything. We require that all participants complete the Expedition Acknowledgement form which emphasizes the daily protocols on an ExpeditionPlus! ride.

Pre-Trip Planning Checklist

To do right after you booked!

6 to 3 Months Prior to Tour Start Date

  • Refer to your Tour Packet/Itinerary to see step-by-step arrival and departure information for your tour, meeting place and time, if a reservation on a complimentary ExperiencePlus! Shuttle (if applicable) is required, and other important information to help you plan your arrival and departure.
  • Reserve your flights after you know you have a confirmed tour departure. Please check with our office if you do not know if your trip is confirmed.
  • Book your pre and post-tour hotel nights.
  • Begin your chosen training program.
  • Final payment is due 90 days (120 days for Bike &Barge/Boat tours) prior to the tour start. Please refer to your Invoice and the Final Payment Reminder e-mail we send 10 days prior to the due date for detailed instructions.

6 to 2 Weeks Prior to Tour Start Date

  • Start reading one of the books or watching one of the movies from our Reading and Movie Lists: https://www.experienceplus.com/blog/travel-planning/
  • Plan what you are going to pack and start packing! Refer to the Packing Lists on our website at https://www.experienceplus.com/blog/travel-planning/packing/.
  • We'll email you your access code to Digital Daysheets, Hotel Itinerary, Participant Roster, names and contact information of your Tour Leaders, emergency phone numbers, and other important departure information about 2 weeks prior to your tour start date. All this will be provided to you via a feature called Experiences via the RideWithGPS App (tracks available but not necessary for navigation on Classic, Expedition and Bike & Boat tours).

Day of Your Flight

Get as much sleep on the plane as you can. Pack your one day of cycling gear in your carry-on. See you soon!

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  • Sailing the boat, every afternoon relaxing on the boat after biking and swimming, lovely dinners, hearty breakfasts, bee keepers, traditional dinner out, rides through the islands (up and down!), guides, fellow passengers, crew on the boat-- really it was ALL great.

    Cheryl A., Colchester, VT - June 2021
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