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Bicycle touring in Greece leaves little left to be desired. From pedaling past crystal blue water along remote beaches, to picturesque villages nestled amidst rolling limestone hills, to some of the world's most important historical, archaeological, and mythological sites - Greece is sure to impress! Often referred to as "the cradle of Western civilization," magical Greece transforms all who visit into history enthusiasts. You can wander the modern capital of Athens and transport yourself in time as you walk up to the Acropolis, home to the columned Parthenon, which is considered the most important surviving building of Classical Greece.  Almost every destination on our bicycling tours in Greece boasts a significant temple or ruin. Join us as we explore whitewashed villages, centuries old olive groves, quiet village squares and ruins that take us back to our origins. Stroll cobblestone streets and stop at a taverna to taste fresh, local specialties or try some Ouzo, the country's famous liquor.  Bicycle with us and explore Greece up close as you pedal alongside pastures of grazing sheep and orchards full of cherry, orange, walnut, and pistachio trees.

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