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Bicycling is a huge part of German culture– Karl von Drais invented the first pushbike over 175 years ago and you will rarely encounter a German who did not grow up riding a bike and/or still does. Experience Germany’s storybook landscape the way the Germans do and take pleasure in the sights and sounds.

The baroque city of Würzburg boasts over 100 hundred churches that have endured the years and range in style from gothic, renaissance, baroque to modern. The four towered St. Kilian cathedral, one of the largest Romanesque churches in Germany, is an incredible sight to see. This city is also famous for being the center of Franconian wine production. One large vineyard, the “Burgerspital-Weingut zum Heiligen Geist,” is believed to have been the birthplace of the flat, pouch–shaped bottle that is the hallmark of Franconian wine.

Of course Germany is known for its beer but both wine and beer pair well with German cuisine which is experiencing a movement towards light, more regional expressions of flavor. Like in the south, near the Alps, where crusty Braten, wonderful brown breads and Wurst are popular and delicious.

Germany offers castles with Rapunzel-like towers, quaint sidewalk cafes, sprawling vineyards and centuries old moss-covered stone bridges. Its visions of scenes like these that bring so many visitors to the historic towns and villages of Germany and what better way to explore this country than on a bike.

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