Cycling Vienna to Prague Plus! Česky  Krumlov

Cycling Vienna to Prague Plus! Česky Krumlov

Discover the wonders and hidden history of Southern Bohemia and Moravia on this eleven-day tour through the Czech Republic. We pedal past Riesling and Chardonnay vineyards, through forbidden forests along the Austrian/Czech border and into late Renaissance towns unchanged since the 17th century. You'll bicycle through one of the most popular bicycle destinations in Central Europe as we explore the "greenways" and rural roads of this fascinating region. Though our cycling ends in Česky Krumlov we'll include a shuttle to Prague.

***If this sounds great but you'd like a shorter tour, check out our Cycling the Czech Republic tour, which features the first 7 days of this itinerary.***

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Trip At-A-Glance

Trip At-A-Glance

  • Length / 11 Days
  • Total Distance / 441-479 km (272 -296 miles)
  • Avg. Distance / 20 - 75 km (36 - 46 miles) per riding day
  • Tour Level & Tour Style / 1.0
  • Countries / Czech Republic
  • Begin/End / Mikulov (shuttle from Vienna) / Česky Krumlov (with shuttle to Prague)
  • Price / From USD$2995
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Tour Summary

Tour Summary

  • Highlights
    • Hluboka Castle
    • ,
    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Valtice, Lednice, and Cesky Krumlov
    • ,
    • Czech Greenways
    • ,
    • Česky Budejovice, home to Budweiser beer
    • ,
    • Renaissance towns of Mikulov, Krumlov, Telč, Slavonice, and Trebon
  • Includes
    11 days, 10 nights' accommodation; 7 dinners with wine or beer, 10 breakfasts; 1 wine tasting; guided castle visit; guided city walk; 1 brewery visit and tasting; Day 1 shuttle from Vienna to the tour start, shuttle to Prague Day 11

  • Arrive / Depart
    Vienna Int'l Airport (VIE) / Prague Ruzyne Int'l Airport (PRG)
  • Overall Tour Level
    1.0 difficulty level 1.0

    Easy riding over flat and rolling terrain. A few days feature longer mileage of 70-75 km (43-46 miles).

  • Daily Ride Summary




    Day Level



Terrain Legend

Gentle Gentle

Rolling hills Rolling hills

Hilly Hilly

Very hilly Very hilly

Mountainous Mountainous

Daily Itinerary
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DAY 1: Shuttle from Vienna to Mikulov, in Moravia, Czech Republic

Highlights: Fit bicycles, test ride through Riesling vineyards

We'll meet at noon in Vienna today and shuttle to our starting town of Mikulov, historically one of the most important frontier towns in Southern Moravia. Its central castle has helped guard the border with Austria since the 13th century. We'll fit bicycles and encourage a short test ride into the surrounding vineyard clad hills -- this region is famous for its different Riesling varieties as well as other white wine grapes such as Ruland White and Chardonnay. A welcome drink will start off our evening before dinner together.

Distance: Test Ride. Meals: D

Lodging: Hotel Templ

  • Meals: Dinner

DAY 2: Pedal the vine-clad hills of Moravia to Valtice and Lednice

Highlights: UNESCO world heritage sites of Valtice and Lednice, the 17th century manor and gardens of Lednice, Baroque castle of Valtice

We take a loop ride today through vineyards into the wine growing region to the north and east to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Valtice and Lednice, each home to impressive manors (or castles, depending on your point of view!) Both residences were created by the Dukes of Liechtenstein, Valtice as the seat of their power, Lednice as their summer residence. After a guided tour of the Lednice palace, enjoy a tasting of local wines.

Distance: Approximately 45 km (28 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: Hotel Vivaldi

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 3: Ride from Mikulov to Znojmo

Highlights: Rolling hills and vineyards, medieval Znojmo

We pedal to Znojmo today, through the gently rolling hills of Moravia. You'll be impressed by the "bike culture" they've created in this area - cyclists come from all over Central Europe to pedal the vineyards and see the historic sites. After settling into our centrally located hotel, enjoy a leisurely stroll through town, which the impressive Gothic Town Hall Tower and Church of Saint Nicholas dominate.

Distance: Approximately 55 km (34 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel Lahofer

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 4: Pedal to Vranov nad Dyji

Highlights: 17th Century castle of Vranov, Iron Curtain

We'll enjoy a guided walk of Znojmo this morning before we pedal on to Vranov on the Dyji River. We suggest visiting the Castle in Vranov (considered by some as the best castle visit of the entire tour!) before checking into our hotel as the castle closes at 5 pm. The present castle dates to the 17th century but is located on a site that has housed castles since 1200. We'll suggest an optional, short ride today to visit a part of the Iron Curtain that has been preserved for posterity.

Distance: 32-38 km (20-24 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel Zamecky

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 5: Bicycle Vranov nad Dyji to Telč

Highlights: Renaissance Slavonice, town of Telč

Our ride today takes us out of the lowland vineyards of southern Moravia and away from the Austrian borderlands. We cross the wheat fields and forests of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands, an ancient plateau incised by rivers creating excellent sites for fortified towns and villages. Telč (say "telch") is one of the best preserved of these fortress towns. Heavily influenced by architectural styles from Italy, the late 16th century town square is a wonder of town planning with multi-colored building facades. We spend two nights in Telč.

Distance: 77 km (48 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: Hotel U Hrabenky

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 6: Loop ride from Telč or rest day

Highlights: Renaissance Telč (UNESCO World Heritage Site)and Medieval Trest

There are plenty of things to see and do in Telč today but we've planned on a loop ride to the north through beautiful areas of forest for those who need a little exercise. The highlands get higher here. Otherwise, you can enjoy lounging in the sidewalk cafes on the square of this perfect gem of 16th century town planning. This afternoon we'll have a fascinating guided tour of the town and its castle.

Distance: 40 km (25 miles; actually, you can make this ride as long as you'd like!). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel U Hrabenky

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 7: Cycle onto the greenways near Austria

Highlights: The greenways of Bohemia, rural Czech Republic, Jindřichův Hradec

Our route today takes us through forest and field and past a myriad of small towns and villages, each with its own "carp pond." The raising of carp in artificial ponds dates to medieval "fast days" when the monks needed fish on Fridays. But in the 15th and 16th centuries these ponds flourished with every town constructing one for purposes of self-sufficiency. Today Bohemia sports something over seven thousand of these ponds and supports a significant recreational and commercial freshwater fishery. We'll be in Jindřichův Hradec tonight, a delightful market center dating to the 12th century. Jindřichův Hradec sits on the banks of a large lake which is dominated by the town's two well-preserved castles.

Distance: 41 km (26 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Penzion Pod Zámkem

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 8: Cycle Bohemian greenways near the Austrian border and Trebon

Highlights: Central Europe's most extensive bike path system, Renaissance Trebon, brewery visit and tasting

Our ride this morning is car-free AND care free, at least initially. We pedal a part of the forest lands that for two generations during the Cold War were completely off-limits to the inhabitants of Central and Eastern Europe. These forest paths are now part of a vast green belt in-the-making. Visionary planners in the region are creating a memorial to the Iron Curtain by developing the world's largest outdoor park that will eventually stretch from the Baltic to the Black Sea, following the historic no-man's land that separated eastern and western Europe from 1945 until the fall of the wall in 1989. We complete our ride by pedaling past man-made lakes in one of Central Europe's biggest wetland areas with some of the largest fish farms in Europe. Before a special fish dinner we'll enjoy a visit and tasting at the country's oldest brewery, founded in the 14th century.

Distance: 59 km (37 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Zlata Hvezda

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 9: Hluboka Castle and into Česke Budejovice along the Vltava River

Highlights: The 19th century Hluboka Castle and Česky Budejovice, home to the original Budweiser beer

Today we leave the man-made lake district of Trebon and pedal northwest to Hluboka, the 19th Century "Windsor Castle" look-alike. Those who wish can double the length of their ride north along the Vltava River and back. Our route this afternoon takes us on a modern bike path right into the heart of Česke Budejovice. With a wide variety of late Renaissance and Baroque buildings on the central square - one of the largest in Central Europe - Česke Budejovice presents itself as a rich and proud regional center commanding as much respect in the 21st century as it did in the 17th.

Distance: 42-74 km (26-46 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: Grand Hotel Zvon

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 10: Bicycle from Česke Budejovice to Česky Krumlov

Highlights: The historic and perfectly preserved 16th century town of Česky Krumlov

We complete our tour of southern Moravia and Bohemia by following the Vltava River south from Česke Budejovice to one of the most enchanting of Central European towns, Česky Krumlov. You'll find you've pedaled into the archetypal, quaint Central European village. Located on a meander of the river, Krumlov is almost completely surrounded by water. Towering above the village is a massive castle complex with a spectacular round tower. This evening we celebrate our grand tour of the historic Czech Republic with a fun medieval dinner together near the picture-perfect square and castle of Česky Krumlov.

Distance: 50 km (32 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel Gold

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 11: We'll offer a shuttle today from Česky Krumlov to Prague

Highlights: Waking up in one of Central Europe's most delightful towns, Česky Krumlov

If you have the time you may want to stay an extra night just to wander the corners of this Medieval and Renaissance town. (You could travel Europe for two decades without finding another like it.) Otherwise, we offer a shuttle to Prague, arriving early afternoon, for those that wish.

Meals: B

  • Meals: Breakfast
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Travel Information

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  • Sailing the boat, every afternoon relaxing on the boat after biking and swimming, lovely dinners, hearty breakfasts, bee keepers, traditional dinner out, rides through the islands (up and down!), guides, fellow passengers, crew on the boat-- really it was ALL great.

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