Bicycling Belgium's Best Breweries Plus!

Bicycling Belgium's Best Breweries Plus!

You don't want to miss this unique beer and bicycling opportunity - the only tour of Belgium that mixes excellent bicycling, lodging, food, plus visits to some of the important Belgian breweries. Starting near the capital of Belgium, we'll pedal through West Flanders (the Flemish part of Belgium) and along the French border in the region of Wallonia, the French speaking part. This tour concentrates on three important beer regions: the Lambic region just south of Brussels, famous for its wild yeast fermentation method which results in a sour beer, the breweries around Bruges (or Brugge in Flemish), a mix of Trappist (monk-brewed) breweries as well as historical breweries such as DeCam, and finally, Wallonia where the Chimay and Orval breweries are located. Two night stays at the beginning and middle of this trip means less packing, and more beer and bicycling! You'll also bicycle through important WWI battleground sites. Gentle cycling terrain makes this a great tour for everyone; in fact the only "requirement" is that you enjoy good beer and fun!

If this sounds great but you'd like a shorter tour, check out our Bicycling Belgium's Best Breweries tour, which features the first 8 days of this itinerary.***

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Trip At-A-Glance

Trip At-A-Glance

  • Length / 11 Days
  • Total Distance / 640 km - 48 km (30 miles) optional ride possible
  • Avg. Distance / Average per riding day 64 km (40 miles) per riding day
  • Tour Level & Tour Style / 1.0
  • Countries / Belgium
  • Begin/End / Brussels / Brussels
  • Price / From USD$4595
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Tour Summary

Tour Summary

  • Highlights
    • Pedal quiet roads, bicycle paths
    • ,
    • UNESCO World Heritage sites of Bruges and Tournai
    • ,
    • Waterloo, Belgium
    • ,
    • WWI battle and historical sites
    • ,
    • Best breweries in the world
    • ,
    • Flanders Field Museum
    • ,
    • Riding briefly in France
    • ,
    • Lambic beer
    • ,
    • 3 Trappist breweries
    • ,
    • Historic hotels

    Keep in Mind: We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

    You will ride on a number of bike paths that offer uneven terrain. There are also cobblestones in most towns.
  • Includes
    11 days, 10 nights accommodation; 10 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 6 dinners; 2 guided brewery visits; 'beer bar" in Bruges, 1 tasting; shuttle to and from Brussels

  • Arrive / Depart
    Brussels Int'l Airport (BRU) / Brussels Int'l Airport (or Luxembourg-Findel Int'l Airport (LUX))
  • Overall Tour Level
    1.0 difficulty level 1.0

    Flat riding on small roads and paths. Some days may include shorter hill climbs of around 1 - 3 miles and some longer days towards the end.

  • Daily Ride Summary




    Day Level



Terrain Legend

Gentle Gentle

Rolling hills Rolling hills

Hilly Hilly

Very hilly Very hilly

Mountainous Mountainous

Daily Itinerary
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DAY 1: Arrive in Waterloo

Highlights: Gothic and Medieval architecture, Belgian waffles

We start our tour just south of Brussels in the town of Waterloo, famous worldwide for the 1815 defeat of French Emperor Napoleon by an Anglo-Allied army in the "Battle of Waterloo". You might choose to arrive a few days early in Brussels to explore the Belgian capital. Brussels hosts a variety of fascinating architectural sites - from medieval architecture to post-modern European Union buildings. Stroll through town where Belgian waffles and "moules frites", or mussels served with French fries abound and "brasseries" or "salon de thés" are aplenty. Meet this afternoon for a bike fitting and test ride to the Lion Mound, the site of the infamous battle. Welcome drinks and dinner together to celebrate the beginning of our Belgian bike and beer tour!

Test ride: 13 km (8 miles). Meals: D

Lodging: Hotel Le Coté Vert

  • Meals: Dinner

DAY 2: Flanders Cycling

Highlights: Lambic beer, DeCam Brewery

Our ride takes us through Lambic region today as we head West into the upper Ardennes and the heart of Flanders. We'll pass the region known for its Lambic beer and we'll have a chance to visit a small brewery en route to taste some of this unique beer made with natural yeasts. Our destination today is one of the oldest towns in Flanders, Geraardsbergen.

Distance: 60 km (37 mi). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel Geeraard

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 3: Ride to Oudenaarde

Highlights: Cycling through picturesque Flemish towns and countryside, Oudenaarde, Tour de Flanders Region

We pedal west today past lush fields along the gentle hills of Flanders - we're pedalling along the hills racers ride during the Tour de Flanders before continuing to our home for the night, Oudenaarde, a small Flemish town known once for its thriving tapestry economy. Today Oudenaarde is home to the museum of the Tour de Flanders that features the heroes of Flemish cycling, including Eddy Merkcx.

Distance: 43 km (27 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: La Pomme d'Or

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 4: Cycling from Oudenaarde to Bruges

Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bruges, Flemish art museums, Flemish "primitives"

We bike to one of Belgium's most impressive cities today, Bruges (Brugge in Flemish). A quiet bike route takes us through farmland to reach the center of Bruges and our hotel. Settle in and plan to visit Flemish art museums or just stroll along the canals that were once main arteries in the city. The imposing medieval square and City Hall combined with the fantastic architecture characterize this unique city. Bruges' city richness in history and architecture is well displayed in its stepped gable houses, the market square with the belfort, in unique historic neighborhoods such as the "Beguinage", a community of lay women from the 13th Century, or through the almshouses that dot the city's ramparts from the Middle Ages.

Distance: 69 km (43 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Martin's Relais

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 5: Rest Day - Guided city visit

Highlights: City tour, beer bar visit and tasting

Enjoy a guided visit around the city of Bruges mid-morning after which you can decide to visit the chocolate museum, diamond museum or even the Belgian fry museum! Enjoy this fabulous city but be sure to save some energy to join us at Bruges' famous beer bar late this afternoon for samples! And remember if climbing up Bruges' famous belfry isn't enough exercise for you, a Tour Leader would be delighted to pedal to the North Sea and back with you!

Distance: Optional Ride 48 km (30 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: Martin's Relais

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 6: Bicycling Belgium's Countryside

Highlights: Westvleteren home to the world's highest ranking beers, Ieper and Flanders Field Museum

From Bruges we pedal southwest directly through the West Flanders region, passing by the town of Esen (famous for its "mad brewers" brewery). Serious beer connoisseurs may want to wait for the afternoon guided tour, but we have several miles still ahead of us, so most will pedal on to our quick lunch stop before reaching another important beer stop. Westvleteren is one of only 6 authentic Trappist beers in Belgium (made by Trappist monks, a branch of Cistercian monks) and one of which is continually ranked amongst the top beers in the world. The 16th Century St. Sixtus Abbey is not open to the public, but you can still enjoy the world's highest ranking beers from the In de Vrede café across the street before continuing on to the town of Ieper, home to a fascinating museum that starkly documents WWI's impact on the region.

Distance: 82 km (52 miles). Meals: B, L

Lodging: Hotel Ariane

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

DAY 7: Wallonia and French Belgium

Highlights: Bicycling into Wallonia, Tournai, Gothic and Romanesque Tournai's cathedral

We leave the Flemish part of Belgium today to enter Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Wallonia or "Wallonie," as the French call it, makes up 55% of the geographic area of Belgium. Once the first industrialized region of all of continental Europe due to important coal and iron reserves, today Wallonia is famous for its Trappist beers (Chimay and Orval are both here) as well as some industry, services, and tourism. We bicycle to the town of Tournai, the oldest city in Belgium. Incredibly rich in the Middle Ages thanks to its textile industry, Tournai still preserves important Romanesque and Gothic churches and private houses which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Distance: 65 km (40 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Hotel Alcantara

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 8: Pedal near the French-Belgian border to Mons

Highlights: Canal ride, WWI battle sites

Today you'll head toward the French border and deep into Wallonia as you pedal through the former industrial backbone of Belgium between the Sambre and Meuse river valleys. Now mostly forests and agricultural fields, it is no longer the rich industrial area it was in the 1800s. Our destination is the small town of Mons, significant since Roman times and also the site of important battles in World War I.

Distance: 71 km (44 miles). Meals: B

Lodging: St. James Hotel

  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 9: Bicycle from Mons to Chimay

Highlights: Biking through forested hills, Lobbes and oldest Collegial Church, Chimay beer tasting

We're cycling through hills and forested area on the edge of the Ardenne region of Belgium (the Ardennes Mountains extends east from here across southern Belgium and into Luxembourg and France). Rolling hills bring us to the small town of Chimay, which we'll bypass to head straight to the Chimay Abbey, where our small country inn awaits. The brewery is not a very interesting visit as you can't see the monks brewing, but take a walk around the abbey, see the gardens and then meet back in our hotel for a beer tasting.

Distance: 87 km (54 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: Auberge de Poteaupré

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 10: Chimay to Bouillon

Highlights: Forested ride, French town of Rocroi, pedalling along the Semois canyon, Bouillon and the ducal stronghold

We've saved some of the best for last as we pedal between two of the most famous Belgian breweries -- Chimay and Orval (2 of the 6 Trappist breweries, "Trappist" because they are still brewed by monks). One of the most beautiful rides of the trip as we pedal along the Samois river, we'll enter France for a bit as we pedal country lanes through forested hills and small villages (check out the center of Rocroi but don't blink or you'll miss it!). Our lodging for the night is in Bouillon, dominated by the medieval castle built by Godfrey of Bouillon (leader of the first crusade). We'll have a special farewell dinner with our delightful hosts in Bouillon.

Distance: 102 km (63 miles). Meals: B, D

Lodging: La Ferronniere

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 11: Tour ends, Orval Visit, shuttle to Brussels

Highlights: Visit Orval Ruins

We'll leave Bouillon this morning to return to Brussels, stopping first to visit the Orval Abbey, ruins and Trappist brewery. We'll plan to be in Brussels early afternoon. Thanks for joining us on this beer and bike adventure! Bon voyage and Goede Reis!

Meals: B

  • Meals: Breakfast
Travel Information

Travel Information

Keep in Mind

We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

You will ride on a number of bike paths that offer uneven terrain. There are also cobblestones in most towns.

Pre-Trip Planning Checklist

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  • Check the online itinerary of your trip and review the arrival and departure information under the "Travel Information" tab to see meeting place and time, if a reservation on a complimentary ExperiencePlus! Shuttle (if applicable) is required, and other important information to help you plan your arrival and departure.
  • Reserve your flights after you know you have a confirmed tour departure. Please check with our office if you do not know if your trip is confirmed.
  • Book your pre and post-tour hotel nights.
  • Begin your chosen training program.
  • Final payment is due 90 days (120 days for Bike &Barge/Boat tours) prior to the tour start. Please refer to your Invoice and the Final Payment Reminder e-mail you have received for detailed instructions.

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Get as much sleep on the plane as you can. Pack your Getting To and Away information and one day of cycling gear in your carry-on. See you soon!

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  • Sailing the boat, every afternoon relaxing on the boat after biking and swimming, lovely dinners, hearty breakfasts, bee keepers, traditional dinner out, rides through the islands (up and down!), guides, fellow passengers, crew on the boat-- really it was ALL great.

    Cheryl A., Colchester, VT - June 2021
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