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Why Spring?

by Julie Horton - Thursday, December 4, 2014 Sring in Sardinia with ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.

Each year staff in the US office review the ExperiencePlus! tour schedule and select our top choices for tours that we’d like to do. More often than not I find myself looking to spring departures…

Why Spring? 10 Reasons I’m hooked.

1. Spring fever drives me and the anticipation of 10-12 day ride in April or May is a spectacular way to begin another year of outdoor adventure!

2. Planning an early season ride in Europe is great incentive to hit the gym or get outside and ride on nice days during the winter.

3. It’s absolutely gorgeous – wild flowers abound red poppies, wisteria, jasmine, fields of green. The landscapes of spring are spectacular.

4. Spring makes everything better – Everything is fresh, everyone is in a good mood. How can you not be? Warm sunshine, longer days – the shroud of winter has finally lifted.

5. I get a jump on the cycling season. There is nothing like 10 days of riding in April or May to give you a great base of fitness for the rest of the summer.

6. Greens! Spring crops are my favorite. Wild strawberries, apricots, asparagus, arugula, greens, basil, salads – I feel happier and healthier with every delicious bite.

7. Traveling in April and May means fewer crowds in cities, airports, train stations, hotels.

8. A planned spring trip is the psychological boast that I need to get through the darkness of winter.

9. Spring smells good! I did our Venice to Pisa ride a few years ago and have an incredible memory of riding into each small town welcomed by the scent of jasmine and wisteria. Sitting poolside on the Paris to Marseille ride last May surrounded by wisteria in full bloom.

10. The opportunity to burst out of the gate and hit the road accompanied by birdsong! In Colorado I know that it is officially spring the first time I hear a Meadowlark. There is nothing like riding a bike and seeing a bird with its chest puffed singing a passionate ode to spring.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to get planning. Check out the options here.

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Julie Horton - Julie Horton is the Purveyor of Cycling Adventures at ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours. She bicycled in more than 20 countries on a year long, self-supported bicycle tour around the world, which covered more than 14,000 miles. Her career in the adventure travel industry began back in 1994 when she started leading hiking tours in the USA, Europe, and far flung locations like Nepal and Thailand. After 10 years on the trail her desire to get back on the road led her to ExperiencePlus! in 2004. Her passion for traveling by bicycle and sharing the possibilities and plans with our travelers makes her "work" at ExperiencePlus! fun and gratifying. She looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for traveling by bike with each of you and hearing of your adventures. Email Julie(at)

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