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New Hybrid Bike Fleet

by ExperiencePlus! - Wednesday, March 2, 2011 musing_hybrid

ExperiencePlus! Is Pleased To Introduce Our New Hybrid Bikes

Müsing Bikes:
After a long selection process, several visits to the Eurobike fair and numerous hours testing options one hybrid bike manufacturer pJonathan Hancock, Igor Baccini, and the newly arrived ExperiencePlus! hybrid bike fleet.roved itself superior, Müsing Bikes based in Germany. Müsing wowed us for several reasons including the fact that they still produce all of their aluminum frames in-house. As a smaller manufacturer they are also willing and able to customize the bikes to our specifications. This means you have the quality ride and generous gearing options to help you cruise the flats and make the hills more manageable, dare we say it – fun!

New Gearing System:
Our new bikes are equipped with an innovative internal gear hub system (Shimano Alfine 11 Speed) that offers you the same range of gears found on a classic 27-speed hybrid/trekking bike. If you aren’t familiar with this type of system don’t worry, it is operated with the typical Rapid Fire shifter found on most hybrids or mountain bikes. The internal hub offers the advantage of smooth, quite shifting that is incredibly durable because isn’t exposed to dirt.  You’ll enjoy the comfort and feel of a traditional “granny gear” to save your knees and help on climbs without worrying about crossing your chain or skipping gears.

Internal Hub SystemShift with Ease:
No more shifting with both hands! While our new bikes have the same range of gears found on a classic 27-speed bike, there are only 11 gears to work through. With the internal gear hub you can shift through the entire range of gears with just one Rapid Fire shifter which is clearly labeled 1 – 11 so you always know which gear you are in and how many you have left in either direction. Not only that, this system allows you to shift standing still – forget to change gears at a traffic light and notice a hill across the intersection – no problem – shift  as you stand there and take off in the proper gear. The shifting in all riding situations is light and intuitive and helps maximizes the riding fun.

Aluminum Frames, Adjustable Stems, Rise Handlebars, Bar End Extensions:

The bikes offer an exceptional ride and we can customize the fit to your needs. We have both standard and mixte (step through, or woman’s ) lightweight aluminum frames to choose from. We use 700 x 28 Shwalbe Marathon tires on these new bikes. An adjustable stem means if you prefer to sit more upright, or more aggressively it’s just a simple adjustment. The flat or mountain bike style handlebars are comfortable and make enjoying the beauty of the countryside that much easier. Bar end extensions mean you have more hand positions which helps lessen fatigue in your hands, neck and shoulders.

We are very excited about our new fleet of hybrid bikes and think that you will be too. All ExperiencePlus! bikes come with a rear rack and expandable rear rack pack to carry anything you need for the day, bottle cages, water bottle and cyclometer.