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Sharing Your Tour Photos & Memories

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A screenshot of a photo gallery of "The Farm" on Picasaweb

Sharing Your Tour Photos & Memories

Making use of Google’s Picasa web technology, ExperiencePlus! now enables customers to post their favorite digital snapshots on an online photo sharing gallery.

Whether they chose to ride through the valleys of northern Argentina or the olive groves of Italy, everyone leaves our tours with great photographs and new friends.  Now our tour participants have an easy way to share their memories!  Each tour has its own gallery on Google’s Picasa site, so tour participants that have shared the road together can post and browse their pictures on their own shared gallery. Adding comments to each others photos, they can keep the kinships they formed riding together alive well after their cycling vacation is over.

It works like this: Following the end of each tour, participants can check off on their tour evaluation form if they want to post photos, providing their contact information. We reply with directions on how to navigate to the web gallery and log in, along with step-by-step instructions on how to upload digital photos (maximum fifteen) to the gallery.

Although there are separate galleries set up for each tour, they are all linked together through a "hub" gallery.  What better “hub” than one that contains pictures of the ExperiencePlus! farm located outside Forli, Italy? From any particular tour gallery you can link easily to the farm gallery, and from there go to any of our other tour galleries, without having to type in long url addresses.

Only tour participants can post photos to their respective tour galleries, but everyone can browse and view all the photos posted from all tours just by starting at the hub gallery. To try it for yourself; point your web browser at:

Check out the galleries for tours you have taken or tours you are thinking about—real photos from real customers on tour are sure to get you excited about any destination you are considering!

Contact if you have some photos you’d like to post from a past tour.