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Q&A With Photographer Paolo Vallicelli

by Jessie Beyer - Thursday, January 12, 2017

Four Tips for Photographers

Q&A with photographer Paolo Vallicelli

 Based in the hills of Bertinoro, Italy, professional photographer Paolo Vallicelli has taken many of ExperiencePlus!’s travel photos. We asked Paolo to share a little bit about how his passion for photography came about and to share a few simple tricks travelers can use while taking pictures.


When did you first become interested in photography?

When I was 14 I found an old camera abandoned on a train. I took that camera everywhere with me I traveled and that camera eventually sparked my passion to leave my career in sports and therapeutic sciences to be a professional photographer.

Do you look at your surroundings differently when you’re taking photos as opposed to going about your daily life?

When I am taking photos I look at my surroundings with closer attention to detail, and I give extra attention to the light illuminating my surroundings.

What three pieces of advice would you give travelers when taking photos?

  1. Always have your camera ready to shoot photos.
  2. Don’t rush, wait for the right moment.
  3. Be respectful to who, or what, you’re taking a picture of.
  4. Get up early: sunrise hours provide the best lighting.

What is your favorite style of photography?

My style of photography is Carpe Diem.  I like shooting landscape, theater and portraits the most. Because I love traveling,  where I often encounter opportunity to shoot landscapes and people, theater photography is an attractive mix between ‘Carpe Diem’ approach and technical difficulties.

Is there a question we didn’t ask that you would like to answer?

 A question about the emotion found in a photograph: in one simple click sometimes you capture the story of a life. For example, take a photo of yourself as a child and look at it…

Thanks to Paolo for his continued work capturing powerful ExperiencePlus! moments. You can find some more of Paolo’s work (and practice your Italian) on his website:

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