Vitaj (welcome) to Poland

Polish is a Western Slavic language and the closest similar languages are those of Poland’s neighbors: Czech and Slovak.

  • Hello – Informal – Cześć (Tch-esh-ch) Formal – Dzień dobry (Jeyn Dob- ry)
  • Good-bye – Informal – pa (pah) Formal – Do zobaczenia (doh zoh- bah-chen-yah)
  • Good night – Dobranoc. (doh-brah-nots)
  • Tomorrow – wczoraj (f- chore-eye)
  • Please – Proszę (PROH- sheng)
  • Thank you – Dziękuję. (Jenkoo-yeng)
  • How are you? – Jak się masz? (Yahk sheng mah-sh)
  • I am fine, thank you – Dziękuję, dobrze (Jenkoo-yeng dob-zhe)
  • Excuse me- Przepraszam. (psheh- prah-shahm)
  • Do you speak English? – Czy mówisz po angielsku? (chih moo- vish poh ahng-gyel- skoo?)
  • Where is the toilet? – Gdzie jest toaleta? (g-jeh yest twa-leta)

Nadine Dirksen - A German native, Nadine is a happy Colorado transplant who moved from lush Bavaria when she married. She left the land of pretzels in 2012 and has been enjoying a fun life full of cycling, mountain biking, CrossFit, hiking, running and any other outdoor activity that involves her little black Dachshund-mix. When not having fun outside or at work, she tries her hand at different craft projects with varying success. She helps our travelers by answering all their questions before their tours and she can't wait to help you bring your dream trip to reality!

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