Breakfast (Snídane) in the Czech Republic consists of coffee or tea and a slice of bread with some sort of
spread (ranging from butter to jam, eggs, and salami to cheese). Sweet breads and yogurts are also popular.

Lunch is the main meal in the Czech Republic, and is traditionally designed to refuel the workers coming in off
the fields. It is heavy in meats like pork, duck, or goose. Sauerkraut often is a side with knedlíky (dumplings).
This meal is served often in three courses, starting off with a bowl of polévka (soup), then to a meat and side
dish and an optional third course of a sweet treat with coffee or a small salad.

Polévka (soup) is a mainstay in Czech cuisine, and you can expect to see many different types containing
everything from mushrooms to potatoes, lentils, beans, and garlic.

Knedlíky are quite varied also. Some are used as a side dish made with bread or potatoes and look like white
bread served with gulas (goulash), or beef sirloin paired with root vegetable sauce and cranberry sauce. Czech
beer goes well with these heavy and traditional meals.

Vegetables are a rarity as a main part of a meal; you can expect to see them as garnishes rather than parts of
meals. Mushrooms (plentiful in the forests), cabbage, and tomatoes are the most common veggies in Czech
side dishes.

Beer is the national beverage. Apparently, the town of Pilsen (Plzeň) in Bohemia is the home of the invention
of modern pilsner beer. A couple of trips to the local pubs should be on your list of places to visit. You can also
try some beer snacks unique to the country from pickled meats and cheeses served with your pint.

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