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by Maria Elena Price - Monday, February 27, 2017

Staying Extra Nights In Cuba

If you plan to arrive early for your bicycle trip in Cuba, please note the restrictions on US Citizens for traveling to Cuba.

Nevertheless, some travel planning might require you to arrive a day or two early. If that is the case, we are not able to book extra hotels for you but you may book an extra night by looking at the following resources for hotels.

Hostels, Inns and B&B’s – most lodging in Cuba is through privately-owned bed and breakfasts or private room rentals (Casas Particulares).  Many of these have become quite sophisticated in that they now have websites. We recommend you spend some time researching the following websites to find a place that feels right for you.  The offerings are quite diverse though you should temper your expectations in terms of amenities and luxuries. The friendly and welcoming warmth of your hosts will make up for your lack of WiFi! Your host can also typically help with things like booking taxi rides to and from the airport.

Prices at private homes and B&B’s will range from $20 – $95, depending on the level of luxury. A $20 room might offer more than you imagined, but no matter the price be sure to check the reviews before booking.

General Listing Services:

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