ExperiencePlus! requires that its travelers be vaccinated for tours running in 2022. This policy is based on more than a year’s worth of experiences surrounding changing entry, testing, and quarantine requirements for travelers who are unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Most countries, specifically in Europe, have now removed COVID-related entry and travel regulations. Based on this development, we have decided to remove the vaccine requirement for our European tours in 2023. For our tours in Chile and Argentina running from January to March 2023, we are keeping the vaccination requirement. This is due to the fact that Chile is currently still requiring  proof of COVID vaccination to enter tourism establishments

In general, our destination countries have removed all travel-related regulations related to COVID-19.  Any exceptions we’re aware of will be listed on the tabs below by country.

We still recommend that:

  • You carry your proof of vaccination as you may still be required to provide it at some point during your travels.
  • You carry a mask in case it should be required to wear one, such as on public transit or in a medical setting.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 On Tour Protocols which includes what happens if you test positive while on tour.

Updated November 30, 2022.

Entry Requirements

Adapted from the US Embassy in Chile:

  • Passengers will have to present their vaccination certificate issued in their country of origin
  • The vaccination certificate -along with an identity document- will be valid as a Mobility Pass

Exit Requirements

  • Chile has no exit requirements.

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