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Destinations: Argentina

Discovering Northern Argentina with Javier Lardone

When I was asked to write about our Discover Northern Argentina bike tours, the first thing that came to my mind was: how do I begin to describe this place?... Read More »


Summer Couscous with Seafood

This recipe comes from the kitchen of Paola’s nephew, Claudio Malpezzi and the staff at the Titon Restaurant in Cesenatico, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Some of you may be interested in the... Read More »

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Cycling and Eating through the Piedmont Region of Italy

When people ask me what my favorite bike tour in Italy is, I always say Venice to Florence or Venice to Pisa because I think it is such a great... Read More »

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Tour Sustainability and Performance Plan

ExperiencePlus! strives to consider the environmental and social impact of what we do. Travel is a powerful tool to connect people to new cultures and environments, however if folks are... Read More »

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Why I Bike – Episode 1

ExperiencePlus! employees are passionate about bicycling so we thought we’d query them and find out exactly why they ride. Our first responses come from owners, Maria Elena and Monica. If... Read More »

Bicycle Advocacy

How to teach a child to ride a bicycle

One popular lunchtime topic around the office here at ExperiencePlus! is “my first bike ride.” Rick told the story of his first day on a bike a couple months ago... Read More »

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Why I Bike Episode 5

Why I Bike – Episode 5 (from our staff and tour leaders) Andro Tartaglia – ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Croatia I enjoy riding my mountain bike in remote and quite places.... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country

Over the years, Chile has built a reputation of development, production and exportation of fine wines.  Yet it is uncommon to hear about the fertile lands where these fine grapes... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Patagonia – A Tour Leader’s …

As an Argentine-American who has spent life moving around the world since childhood, I am fortunate to say that I live in a truly marvelous part of the world. Bariloche,... Read More »

Monica Price bicycling to her wedding

Destinations: Italy

Reflections on Monica and Michele’s Big Fat Italian...

True to form, Monica and Michele’s wedding had what one would expect from a multinational, multicultural Malpezzi-Price family event. Bicycles (of all sort), people (from all corners of the world), medieval folk dancing, lots of food and even more laughter.

Short story suggestions for bicycling in Europe.

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Tips to prepare for your bicycling trip

Interview with Joeann Gutowski We visited with Joeann Gutowski in our Fort Collins office before she heads to our Bicycling Through the Best of Provence tour this fall to ask... Read More »

Destinations: New Zealand & Australia

Date With the Devil Down Under! – Julie Tours Tasmania

  Date With the Devil Down Under! The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Tasmania to most people is the Tasmanian Devil. That’s where the conversation ends... Read More »

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Why I Bike Episode 3

Igor Baccini – ExperiencePlus! Bike Fleet Manager, and Tour Leader: Such a simple question, so many answers. It’s banal to say “I bike because I like it” but it’s the... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!,  Travel Planning: Food and Meals,  Destinations: Italy

A Day at the “Farm” the ExperiencePlus!...

by Sylva Florence Aperitivo: espresso. Someone – half awake – spilled espresso grounds everywhere. Waking up just like the rest of us, the little black espresso machine groans and sprays... Read More »

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