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Destinations: Italy

The Italia 150 ExpeditionPlus! Bicycle Ride

Covers the Length of Italy While Italians may continue to bicker over whether Giuseppe Garibaldi made a huge mistake 150 years ago in uniting the South of Italy with the... Read More »

Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

Destinations: Costa Rica,  About ExperiencePlus!: Rider Spotlight

Tales from the Road: Costa Rica

At ExperiencePlus! we believe that a bicycle tour should allow you the freedom to travel at your own pace and the opportunity to experience another environment and culture in your... Read More »


Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents

by Jim Maluso – Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price In “Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents,” author Jim Maluso sets himself up as an anti-hero who,... Read More »

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