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Wild Tales – Written and Directed by Damián Szifrón

by Julie Horton - Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Wild Tales

Argentine director and writer Damián Szifrón holds bragging rights for Argentina’s most popular film of 2014. His film “Wild Tales” was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign film, as well Wild Talesas, the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. An anthology of six stand-alone short films that will shock you, make you laugh, cringe, and applaud.

Not for the faint of heart these films are about revenge, sometimes violent, often hilarious, and occasionally heartbreaking. It’s best if you enter the theater ready for anything and everything. Be ready to embrace a world where emotions are acted upon with “wild” abandon. It is best to avoid knowing too much about the films to let the experience wash over and surprise you, but here is a very brief introduction to each.

  • If you’ve harbored a revenge fantasy you’ll love the first film “Pasternak”.
  • The second film, “The Rats” also focuses on vengeance – asking the question, if the perfect opportunity for retribution arises do you take it?
  • “Road to Hell” fasten your seat belts because it is violent. A shocking, funny, and nightmarish drive from hell. ExperiencePlus! travelers who have joined us (or thought about it) in Northern Argentina will love the scenery as all of the action takes place on the road between Salta and Cafayate.
  • If “Rats” takes a glancing blow at political corruption – “Bombita” vividly shows what can happen when bureaucratic stonewalling pushes a desperate demolitions engineer too far.
  • “The Deal” – what happens when the son of a wealthy and powerful businessman kills a pregnant woman in a hit and run accident?
  • The final film, “Till Death Us Do Part” starts out at an extravagant wedding reception with an enviously blissful bride and groom. All is well until the bride discovers that the groom has been cheating on her and has invited his mistress to the wedding.

Wild Tales is an adventure into an absurd and vengeful world where the lines of morality are undeniably blurred.  A worthwhile night out for those who have a dark sense of humor, can embrace the outrageous, and tolerate violence.

Check out the trailer for the film here.

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