Tour Leader Christina Taioli publishes her second book...

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tour Leader Christina Taioli publishes her second book – Rio

ExperiencePlus! Tour leader Cristina Taioli has just published her second book, Rio, which is a collection of fairy tales for children. Cristina based her stories on her experiences in the Amazon rain forest during her trip in 2005.

The World Wildlife Foundation has sponsored this book both for its subject and the fact that it’s printed on recycled paper.

Sara, the little girl protagonist, meets Rio, the spirit of the river, and together with Tatu the armadillo, Jack the caiman, Boto the pink dolphin, and Uru the black vulture, they share numerous adventures in the great forest.

Rio is available in Italian, so if you want to start improving your Italian before vacationing in Italy, you can order the book by email.

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