Paris-Roubaix 2001 DVD (World Cycling Productions, 2001)

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris-Roubaix 2001 DVD (World Cycling Productions, 2001)

World Cycling Productions' Paris-Roubaix 2001 Whether you’re a novice or experienced bicycle racing fan, and whether you are new to watching the Paris-Roubaix race or an old hand, this DVD of the 2001 running of the "world’s toughest one day bicycle race" will entertain and instruct you. We recommend it enthusiastically.

The Paris-Roubaix bicycle race is one of the oldest events on the professional circuit. It is a one-day race from the Paris suburb of Compiègne north to Roubaix, near the Belgian border. When the race was first held in 1891, the course included a number of cobble and paving stone roads. Over the years the race organizers have purposely kept a considerable portion of the course on these stone roads to add to the difficulty of the race. The combination of these cobbles and paving stones with the frequently wet spring weather the race encounters makes for a truly unique test of power, tactics and handling skill. The riders, coated from head to toe in the grey mud kicked up by their tires, become nearly unrecognizeable – cyclocross and mountain bike racers often emerge cleaner than the Paris-Roubaix peloton.


In 2001, the beloved Belgian spring classics specialist Johan Museeuw of the Domo – Farm Frites team returned as the defending champion of Paris-Roubaix, hoping for a third victory in ’01. There was stiff competition: George Hincapie had US Postal Service on his side and "Georgie" was a likely contender to knock Johan Museeuw off his throne.

In the end neither Hincapie nor Museeuw would take the race. Instead, Domo’s Servais Knaven emerged as the leader of the pack in a surprise finish. But just how Museeuw’s teammate took the race is what makes this so fascinating and instructive!

Paul Sherwin at work during the 2004 Tour Down UnderPhil Ligett and Paul Sherwin, well-known to cycling fans as the team providing commentary for The Race, do a wonderful job explaining the finer points of racing tactics, even as they do their usually superb work capturing the excitement of the race.

Rent or buy this DVD and you’ll see the secret to Knaven’s win and what did Hincapie in. What happened to Museeuw? He came back in ’02 to win a third time before finally retiring after The Race in 2004. And George Hincapie is still looking for his first win at Paris-Roubaix. Maybe this will be his year!

If you don’t have time to watch the entire race, watch at least the portion on the Arenberg Forest in part I and the last thirty minutes of the race (Part II) for a real lesson in team strategy. Where was Georgie’s team when he needed them, anyway?


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Reviewed by Rick Price & Rich Young, ExperiencePlus! Staff