Grow with the Flow: Powerful New Paths to Effective...

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grow with the Flow: Powerful New Paths to Effective Intelligence for Your Child by David Cantrell, Ph.D.

Dave Cantrell brings wide-ranging knowledge of psychological research and 30 years of experience to his work with parents and children. In Grow with the Flow, he details the components of an effective real-world intelligence that will equip your child to thrive today and tomorrow.

Whether you are considering home schooling, wondering about your child’s present school or just wish to give more thought to the education of your children, Grow With the Flow

1) Shows how new theories and research give you a fresh, practical understanding of what it really means to be intelligent.

2) Explains why a playful, relaxed approach to parenting, and fun and joy in learning, can unlock astonishing potential.

3) Provides a hands-on guide to help your child’s unique gifts and abilities blossom.

4) Pesents hundreds of activities to develop every facet of your child’s growing intelligences.

Visit the Grow with the Flow web site:

Welcome to the Intelligence River!

On this bank of the river, you can learn about the book Grow With the Flow: Powerful New Paths to Effective Intelligence for Your Child. Across the river, you can visit RiverTown, the community of Grow With the Flow readers and supporters.

Or, read the first chapter of Grow with the Flow online.

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