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Recipe: Packing the Perfect Mid-Ride Picnic

by Jessie Beyer - Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lunch on the Roll

Ride until your hungry … or can’t get enough of the view

Cycling can certainly kick one’s appetite into gear, and a picnic lunch is a great excuse to take a break and enjoy your surroundings. Stopping at a resturant or cafe for a mid-ride meal can be a little tricky these days, but with a little preparation at the beginning of your day, you’re free to cycle until hunger strikes, and then choose the perfect patch of grass or picnic table.

Bike Picnic Ingredients

Ingredients for the ultimate bike picnic

1. Hit the market – or grocery store

Take advantage summer and your outdoor farmers markets! If you’ve got markets swing by and pick up local produce, cheese, freshly baked bread. If not, mask up and hit the grocery store. Maybe try some foods that are not on your regular list to add a bit of adventure to your picnic.

2. Food

Temperature is worth considering as you might be biking for sometime between picking up lunch and finding your spot. Many items travel well, (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cheeses, baked goods such as small baguettes or rolls, nuts, and deli sandwiches) but it is worth considering food temperatures and containers if you’re planning on riding for a few hours between purchasing food and picnicking.  Some cheeses are even better after they have been out of the “fridge” such as brie or other semi-soft cheeses.

3. Utensils

Be sure to pack what you need in order to cut the cheese! Even easier, make sure your ingredients are “finger food” friendly such as rolls, single tomatoes you can bite into etc.

4. Location

It’s all about the location. If you’re feeling adventurous just ride until you find a nice shady spot with a view, and your stomach gives you a growl and a clue, pull over and bon appetite! If you would like to be a little more calculated take a look at google maps before you head out. You can either find a park, natural space, or similar location that would make for a great picnic spot.

5. Good Company

Picnics are can be best shared with good company. Meals are a great time to reflect on your trips events and share stories be it with friends old or new, your spouse or even your journal.

Picnic Views

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