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Top 4 Tours For Traveling Back In Time

by Jessie Beyer - Monday, August 28, 2017

Top 4 Tours for Traveling Back in Time

No need to wait for the invention of a time machine. These four bike tours will make you feel like you’ve instantly been transported back in time as you learn about the history and culture of each region.

Cycle the Camino De Santiago

From Gothic cathedrals to medieval monasteries, you’ll pedal through one of Spain’s premier wine growing regions – the Rioja – and encounter spiritual pilgrims and adventurous travelers from around the world. Selected by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime”, this is more than a beautiful bicycle tour, it’s an ancient pilgrimage, a spiritual journey and truly an experience not to miss.

Cycling Umbria’s Medieval Towns

While Umbria is often referred to as the ‘green heart of Italy’ because of its lush, rolling landscape, it is also home to some of Italy’s best preserved medieval towns. Pedal from Perugia to Spoleto through vineyards and olive groves and over gently rolling hills to monasteries, castles, and stone villages virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. Along this journey you’ll visit historic cities like Perugia, Assisi, Spello and Spoleto. Built by Umbrians and Romans, these cities are impressive reminders of Italy’s rich history, and the small villages we pass through or stay in along the way are excellent places to experience this region’s deeply rooted culture.

Cycling the Loire Valley

This region of France sits on a pivotal frontier between the north and south of France and was of great strategic military importance. You will travel through thousands of years of rich architectural history while cycling through this beautiful valley, peppered with fortresses and palaces established by France’s kings, queens, dukes and nobles. Along the way there will be plenty of opportunities to taste world-renowned wines in stunning chateaux, and experience the beauty of small villages and vineyards surrounding them.

Bike Across Portugal Plus! The Coast

Portugal is the western outpost of continental Europe, and this region harmonizes centuries of ancient Roman, Arabic, Medieval and Renaissance influences, delicately framed by stunning beaches and endless blue sky. As you Bike Across Portugal with us you will experience centuries-old farming, wine, art and cork production traditions while pedaling past golden plains, rugged coastline, traditional whitewashed villages, marble towns and majestic medieval cities.



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