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New Departure Date Available for Portuguese Camino

by Jessie Beyer - Monday, December 11, 2017

New Departure Date Available for Portuguese Camino

Portugal is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to visit in Europe – and it shows! Our three departure dates for our new Cycling the Portuguese Camino sold out in record time and due to such high demand we’ve added another departure to the calendar: July 24 to August 1, or, better yet, do the plus version which finishes in the historic pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela on August 4th.

Join us to pedal along the rivers, coasts and valleys of Northern Portugal and Galicia, Spain to Santiago as you follow the Portuguese Camino de Santiago.  You will visit important coastal towns and fortified cities from Portugal’s history dating back to its founding in the 12th century. Between cycling and cruising along the Douro, Minho and Lima rivers we will take the time to taste the region’s culinary specialties and to enjoy the cultural shift that comes with crossing the border into Galicia, Spain. With three wine regions along our route and a blend of fresh seafood, hearty stews and modern day gourmet fare there is something for all tastes. Terraced vineyards blanket the hillsides riding up out of the Alto Douro river, a UNESCO designated wine-growing region World Heritage Site. These are some of the world’s oldest vineyards with a wine making history over 2000 years old.

Here’s a teaser for just some of the highlights you’ll find along the way. To learn more, follow the links for the daily itinerary!

Cycling the Portuguese Camino

This 9-day tour is a unique bicycle touring experience filled with southern European hospitality and history including the following highlights:

  • Stay in a renovated 18th century palace
  • Scenic boat ride on the Douro River into Porto
  • Spanish Oysters
  • Historic Port of Baiona, Spain (Columbus’s first port)
  • UNESCO sites: Coimbra, Porto, Ponte da Lima and Santiago, Douro, Minho and Lima River Valleys, Salt Flats of Aveiro
  • Cycling Portugal’s Northern Coast

Cycling the Portuguese Camino Plus! Santiago

If you’ve got time for the 12-day tour, continue along the beautiful Galician coast on the Portuguese Camino as we follow in the footsteps of past pilgrims who walked, pedaled or rode horses all the way to Santiago de Compostela:

  • Scenic views of the Galician Mountains
  • Santiago, St James Cathedral


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