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5 Great Cities While Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin

by Jessie Beyer - Monday, February 25, 2019

Cycle from one vibrant city to another in two countries renowned for their urban cycling culture. Our Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin tour gives you a glimpse of Denmark and Germany’s rich history and varied cultural traditions as you pedal across islands and along the Baltic Sea before reaching the ‘mainland’.  Here are a few of our  favorite stops along the way.


Copenhagen was named the best city to live, and it’s not hard to understand why. For starters, the Danes are renowned for their love of cycling and Copenhagen is an example of how urban planning and a love for cycling can co-exist with over 390 kilometers (241 miles) of designated bike lanes in the city. In addition to leading the charge in cycling culture, the world also looks to Copenhagen for the latest innovations in design, architecture, and fashion, and savors the extraordinary culinary revolution that has taken place here over the last decade.  Copenhagen has become a must-do for all foodies, and though it’s hard to choose the best meal on this tour, our dinner in Copenhagen is certainly in the running for one of Tour Manager Joan’s favorites when it comes to fine dining.


Some call Hamburg ‘the gateway to the world’ as this historic port city is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River and full of canals. A hub for music-lovers and anyone who enjoys stunning architecture, this city will not disappoint. The musical heritage of baroque and church music shaped by composers Telemann and Bach, Hamburg as the home of Steinway and organ building, the first public opera house “Oper am Gänsemarkt” – just a few of many reasons to give Hamburg the status of a “music city”. On tour you can look forward to sleeping in a hotel located next door to a church that is still home to the original Baroque organ on which Bach himself played!

Lüneburg & Lübeck

You will be sure to love these two cities and hidden gems that are off the beaten tourist path. Enjoy cycling through picturesque landscapes and street-scapes that look like they are straight out of a movie set as you ride through the Lüneburg Heath, a nature reserve, on our way to Lüneburg town.  These two small towns and their rich architecture are nestled in a beautiful region once made prosperous by nearby salt mines.


Where does one begin to describe the fantastic city of Berlin, and Germany’s capital. Walk past the Berlin wall and Prussian Palace as you take in some of Berlin’s colorful history. Then step into a symbol of Germany’s great reinvention as you explore the new-found identity of this vibrant city and start-up hub. From historic architecture to modern art to another booming culinary scene, Berlin has worlds to explore within this walkable city.  And, since it is the last stop on the tour, we definitely recommend booking a few extra nights!

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2019 Dates for Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin (14 days)

Jun 8-21, Guaranteed to Go
Jul 20-Aug 2- Guaranteed to Go!
Aug 10-23 – 5 More to Guarantee the Departure

Don’t have 14 days? Try our 8-day options, Cycling Copenhagen to Hamburg or Hamburg to Berlin.


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