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Patagonia: Gorgeous and on Sale

by ExperiencePlus! - Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Photo by ExperiencePlus! traveler Hess Kim

Argentine Tour Leader and Country Coordinator Anibal Marasi shares just a few reasons why you need to bicycle through Patagonia’s Lakes District this winter.

Riding with ExperiencePlus! in Patagonia's Lakes DistrictPatagonia Is Drop Dead Gorgeous:
Patagonia is unique and the variety of landscape seemingly has no end or limits.  You’ll follow crystal clear rivers, spectacular lakes and snow clad volcanoes will be constant companions as you traverse Patagonia’s giant steppe to the Pacific Ocean, crossing the majestic and densely forested Andes Mountains along your way.





We did say Patagonia is gorgeous.Bicycle through Argentina and Chile’s First National Parks:
Your trip begins near Argentina’s first and largest national park, Nahuel Huapi. Established in 1934 the park encompasses rivers, mountains, glaciers and numerous lakes including Lake Nahuel Huapi which gave the park its name. You’ll also ride through Chile’s Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park whose boundaries are almost entirely in the Andes mountain chain and is home to three major volcanic peaks: Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador. Chile’s first national park was established in 1926 and stretches east from Lago Llanquihue to the Argentine border. Nahuel Huapi and Vincente Pérez Rosales combine with Puyehue National Park in Chile and Lanín National Park in Argentina to form a protected area of nearly 6,000 square miles.

sm_signAncient and Modern Cultures:
Along the way you´ll also discover how pre-Columbian cultures developed, and see that their customs, languages and beliefs are thriving. You will also experience more modern traditions including the midday siesta, Yerba mate, and the Argentine asado (barbeque) which includes large portions of various types of meat.


Which Begs the Question – What Is for DinA special curanto lunch on Chiloe Islandner?
The favorite foods in Argentina are beef and Patagonian lamb accompanied by an excellent Malbec. In Chile, you’ll feast on seafood. Vegetarians need not despair there are tasty options for you as well, including salads, wonderful local cheese, and grilled veggies.   For dessert fresh raspberries, blueberries, cherries and strawberries are regularly featured.


Just one member of the Chiloe Island penguin colony

Chiloé Island — Why More Is Better
The extension to Chiloé Island is the icing on the cake and an entirely new world for you to explore. You’ll find fabulous fjords, stilt hotels, UNESCO World Heritage churches, unique wildlife – including a penguin colony, sea otters, and the smallest deer in the world. You’ll also partake in a very special meal with the Quilque community.

Save Money Book by August 1
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