Expand your riding options with RWGPS

Have you ever heard yourself or a friend say they have no idea where to go on a bike ride? While some of us love to explore and make up... Read More »

gravel bike with rear light flashing


Best Red Flashing Lights for Day or Night Riding

At ExperiencePlus!, we mount back of bike red flashing lights onto all our bikes for added daytime safety. While research on the effectiveness of this practice is limited to a... Read More »


Armed with sun sleeves

I’m always a bit nervous at the beginning of each cycling season when it’s warm enough to don a short sleeve jersey and shorts. Aside from my alabaster skin blinding... Read More »


Travel Books To Dream With

With the seasons changing, and this year keeping most of us home bound, it seems like the best antidote to the travel bug might be to hunker down with a... Read More »


Gear Review: Tiem Cycling Shoes

Packing just got a lot easier. How many pairs of shoes did you bring on your last cycling vacation? Let me guess: your cycling shoes, your comfy walking shoes, a... Read More »


Book Review: Italianità – The Essence of Being Italian...

ExperiencePlus! founder Rick Price reviews a book written by one of our travelers! Take a look at Rick’s review of William Giovinazzo’s book, Italianità – The Essence of Being Italian... Read More »


5 Gifts For Cyclists Who Love to Travel

Take a look at a few of our favorite cycling items that might be just the right inspiration as you’re trying to find something special for your cyclists this holiday... Read More »


OTTOLOCK by Review

The search for a lightweight combination lock for my bike has officially ended! My bike is my car, my exercise companion, one of my dearest friends, and as the years... Read More »


Gear Review: 1UP Bike Rack

How to Move a Bike, When Pedaling isn’t an Option In an ideal world I would ride my bike everywhere. But in reality, there are times when a ride starts... Read More »


Gear we love!

The ExperiencePlus! team knows firsthand that a few pieces of good gear can make or break a ride. Our passion for cycling doesn’t end with our work day, more often... Read More »


3 Pieces of Gear I Fell in Love with this Cycling Season

3 Pieces of Gear I Fell in Love with this Cycling Season Fall is fast approaching and the changing weather has me reminiscing about summer cycling adventures. This year I... Read More »

Da Brim Bicycle Review


Gear Review: Da Brim Helmet Visor

Gear Review: Da Brim A Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor Summer is nearly here and for those of you who are not excited with the idea of the sun in your... Read More »


Lumos Helmet Review

Gear Review: Lumos Helmet Julie tested out the Lumos Helmet for a month The Lumos helmet was designed by two engineers that wanted to solve the problem of cyclists feeling... Read More »


My Two Italies by Joseph Luzzi

Stories of immigrants fascinate me, especially the life stories of Italians who have come to “l’America”, both North and South, since the 1700s. In each of these stories I see... Read More »

My Italian Secret


My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes

“My Italian Secret:  the Forgotten Heroes,” written, produced and directed by Oren Jacoby, 2014.  Now available on It seems that we will never know the full story of the... Read More »

Jewel by Club Ride


Product Review – Jewel by Club Ride

Jewel by Club Ride. As anyone who knows me will tell you I’ve been on the search for the perfect undergarment for cycling for years. I’ve tried a multitude of underwear... Read More »


Movie Review: Walking the Camino – Six Ways To...

Geography, history, spirituality, people, adventure. These are just a few of the puzzle pieces that come together to form the “camino experience” for anyone traveling the Camino de Santiago en route to Santiago de Compostela. These... Read More »

Views from Parc Guell, Barcelona


The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Dive into this deliciously dark tale about passion, love, loss and life and follow David Martín, the main character, through Barcelona’s murky alleys and wide avenues. David is a gifted... Read More »


Dante’s Divine Comedy

By ExperiencePlus! Traveler Bill Giovinazzo A biography is something written in retrospect, it is always about the past. It has to be because you never know at the time what... Read More »

Wild Tales


Wild Tales – Written and Directed by Damián Szifrón

Argentine director and writer Damián Szifrón holds bragging rights for Argentina’s most popular film of 2014. His film “Wild Tales” was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign film,... Read More »


Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a...

Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free, By Héctor Tobar On August 5th 2010 the San... Read More »


Travel Planning: Movie and Reading List,  Reviews

The Emperor and The Saint….

The Emperor and The Saint Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, Francis of Assisi, and Journeys to Medieval Placesm by Richard F. Cassady As the Foreword states, this book is the biography... Read More »

St Malo, France where the ExperiencePlus! Brittany and Normandy tour begins.


All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

“All the Light We Cannot See” was on almost everyone’s top books of 2014 list and was also a finalist for the National Book Award. This intriguing story follows two... Read More »

Touring Club Italiano maps

Reviews,  Travel Planning

Touring Club Italiano (TCI)

Paola and I just returned from two weeks in Puglia, the “heel” of Italy, where we explored small towns, villages and the regional capital of Bari relying mostly on guidebooks... Read More »

A Year in Burgundy


A Year in Burgundy Directed by David Kennard

My knowledge of wine is limited to what I can remember from the several wine tours I’ve been on with ExperiencePlus! and I’m confident that I would I would fail... Read More »

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