pilgrims bicycling the camino de santiago

Destinations: Spain

Top 5 Experiences on the Camino in 2023

If you’re new to ExperiencePlus! you may not know that Cycling the Camino de Santiago is one of our longest-standing tours. We celebrated the 544-mile journey throughout 2022, which marked... Read More »

family of four on bicycle tour in Europe

Destinations: Italy,  About ExperiencePlus!: Rider Spotlight

First bike tour renews family’s spirit

A number of years ago, former ExperiencePlus! employee Ian Wells took part of his family on their first-ever EP bicycle tour. They weren’t experienced cyclists and some members of the... Read More »

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Ready for Adventure? Seek out South America

One year ago the prospect of traveling to South America during the North American winter was complicated. While entry into Argentina was similar to what other European countries had been... Read More »

Destinations: France

A Brief Introduction to the Highlights of Alsace

Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands five times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now... Read More »

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An insider’s look at the new Explorer Tour style

When ExperiencePlus! started developing new tour styles in 2018, little did we know the pandemic would prevent us from launching our inaugural Explorer tours until 2022. Now that the season... Read More »

Colorado farm road for gravel riding

Destinations: Tour Styles

Explorer Primer Part 3: Getting Started – The Ride

In the Explorer Primer Part 1 we reviewed the type of roads you can expect to find on an ExperiencePlus! Explorer tour as well as the bicycles we provide. Primer... Read More »

Destinations: Tour Styles

Explorer Primer Part 2: Getting Started – the Bike

In the Explorer Primer Part 1 we reviewed the type of roads you can expect to find on an ExperiencePlus! Explorer tour as well as the bicycles we provide. As... Read More »

Destinations: Poland Slovakia Hungary

Krakow to Budapest: An Unforgettable Journey in Four Stanzas

I have fallen in love with a bicycle tour I have yet to take. It begins in a country whose people became the victim of tasteless jokes about their supposed... Read More »

Destinations: Croatia,  Destinations: Portugal,  Destinations: Tour Styles

Explorer Primer Part 1: Time for European Dirt

One of the highlights of the upcoming 2022 cycling season is that we will finally – finally!!! – launch our new Explorer Tours in Portugal’s Algarve and Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula.... Read More »

Cycling in Patagonia

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile

Seek Out South America’s Astronomical Advantage

If winter weather makes you grumpy because you can’t ride your bike as often as you would like (if at all), you are in fine astronomical luck! It’s always summer... Read More »

Destinations: France

Bike and Barge the Seine Plus! Castles of the Loire Valley

Bike and Barge the Seine Plus! Castles of the Loire is a level 1 tour, ideal for beginner cyclists, those traveling by bicycle for the first time, or multi-generational groups... Read More »

Destinations: France

Dreaming of Provence

Back in 2019 B.C. (Before Covid) I had the pleasure and privilege to do the ExperiencePlus! ride through Provence and the Luberon. No doubt like for many of you my... Read More »

The 1972 BIke Across Italy crew and their support vehicle.

Destinations: Italy

How Bike Across Italy Began in 1972

ExperiencePlus Co-founder, Rick Price (pictured in the front with iconic beard, and wife and co-founder Paola Malpezzi behind him), shares the the story of how it all started with Bike... Read More »

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Top 4 Tours for a Culture Fix

4 Great Tours for a Cultural Fix Bicycle travel is a great way to get a taste for local culture – in its many forms.  Here are a few of... Read More »

Destinations: Spain

Join us on a Virtual Escape to Andalucia

Dreaming of escaping to somewhere? Check out Philipp’s description of the history and highlights of Andalucia to learn more about this fabulous Spanish region. Ready to go? 2021 dates posted... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina

Once in a Lifetime Experience – a Total Solar Eclipse.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to go see a total solar eclipse in Wyoming. The path of totality was about a 3.5-hour drive from my home in Fort Collins,... Read More »


Tours for every level of cycling!

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or you haven’t ridden your bike since you were a kid, we have bicycle tours that allow every type of rider to experience the... Read More »

Destinations: Portugal

Portugal Three Ways! 

Portugal has been one of our favorite countries to cycle through since we first ran tours there in 1996. Over the years our destinations may change, but we always go... Read More »


Top 4 Tours for Crossing Borders

Why visit one country by bicycle when you can visit two – or three! If you’re ready to roll soon, join us this February as we cycle between Argentina and... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile,  News

2021 & 2022 South America Bicycle Tours

Bicycling Northern Argentina Plus! Ruins of Quilmes Get off the beaten path in Argentina. Explore the famous Camino Inca – or Inca Trail, a major trade and cultural route between... Read More »

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4 Tours Ideal for Spring Cycling

Not only do spring bicycle tour vacations promise wild flowers, fields of green, fewer crowds, and ideal cycling weather, they are also a great way to kick start your base... Read More »

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