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Montse in Catalonia with part of the 89er club - 5 riders who have done 89 trips with ExperiencePlus

About ExperiencePlus!

Introducing Three New Tour Leaders

ExperiencePlus! has added three new tour leaders to our staff in Europe and we wanted to tell you a bit more about the exceptional people you might be traveling with... Read More »

Philipp in Andalucia tasting sherry.

About ExperiencePlus!

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Philipp Alexander Schmitt

We’d like to introduce you to Philipp Alexander Schmitt, our in-house Camino de Santiago historian and specialist (he’s written a pilgrim’s diary and will read from it on tour for... Read More »

Cristina Taioli - ExperiencePlus! tour leader

About ExperiencePlus!

Cristina Taioli Survives the Polar Vortex

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Cristina Taioli spent over a month touring the U.S. visiting our travelers, spreading the word about bicycle touring and doing her best to survive one of the... Read More »

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Enrico Dal Monte stops to join a card game in Sicily.

About ExperiencePlus!

Get to Know Your Tour Leaders: Enrico Dal Monte

Enrico was born in Italy and has been leading tours for ExperiencePlus! in Belgium, Spain, France, and Italy since 2010, and has very quickly become one of our most popular... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Cristina Taioli’s 2014 Travels in the United States

Every winter, Cristina Taioli, longtime bicycle tour leader for ExperiencePlus! bicycle tours, spends a month traveling in the United States meeting up with past travelers and hosting happy hours and... Read More »

Silvija Vukusic and the ExperiencePlus! support van in Croatia. Photo by ExperiencePlus! traveler Guy Cunningham

About ExperiencePlus!

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Silvija Vukusic

Silvija was born in Split, Croatia and has been leading tours for ExperiencePlus! since 2008 mostly in her home country but in the past few years she’s also used her... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Cristina Taioli Tours the US

I think I have one of the nicest jobs…biking in Italy and Europe! For the past two winters I’ve been fortunate to spend a month in the States visiting with... Read More »

Lisa Merichi

About ExperiencePlus!

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Lisa Merighi

Though 2013 will mark only her third season with ExperiencePlus! Lisa Merighi has quickly become one of our traveler’s favorite tour leaders. We thought it high time we all had... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Four Favorite Tour Leaders

With the announcement of our 40th Anniversary Bike Across Italy trip we thought it the perfect time to feature a few of the tour leaders who have been with us... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Four Leaders You’ll Want to Follow

Daniele Binaghi has been leading tours in Italy with ExperiencePlus! since 2009 and has quickly become a crowd favorite. Though there is stiff competition, his staff photo is our favorite... Read More »

European Staff at the ExperiencePlus! Headquarters in Italy

About ExperiencePlus!

Introducing New Staff and Tour Leaders

A New Face in the U.S. Office: ExperiencePlus! is very pleased to introduce you to our new Reservations and Sales Associate Jo Baldwin. You will get to know Jo well... Read More »

An ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tour customer atop Mt Ventoux

About ExperiencePlus!: Rider Spotlight

Why I Bike: Episode 7

Dave Forester (ExperiencePlus! Customer): Given my poor golf scores, it is a better use of my time to spend a few hours biking the local byways than searching for small... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Why I Bike – Episode 1

ExperiencePlus! employees are passionate about bicycling so we thought we’d query them and find out exactly why they ride. Our first responses come from owners, Maria Elena and Monica. If... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Why I Bike Episode 5

Why I Bike – Episode 5 (from our staff and tour leaders) Andro Tartaglia – ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Croatia I enjoy riding my mountain bike in remote and quite places.... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!,  Travel Planning: Food and Meals,  Destinations: Italy

A Day at the “Farm” the ExperiencePlus!...

by Sylva Florence Aperitivo: espresso. Someone – half awake – spilled espresso grounds everywhere. Waking up just like the rest of us, the little black espresso machine groans and sprays... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!

Why I Bike Episode 3

Igor Baccini – ExperiencePlus! Bike Fleet Manager, and Tour Leader: Such a simple question, so many answers. It’s banal to say “I bike because I like it” but it’s the... Read More »

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