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Travel and COVID-19

by ExperiencePlus! - Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A note from ExperiencePlus! Owners, Monica and Maria Elena Price:

Dear Fellow Travelers,

If you embarked on a trip in 2022, you know firsthand that the travel world has been on quite a roller coaster! As if a resurgence wasn’t enough, pent up excitement about travel caused high demand that continues to challenge supply chains and reveal labor shortages. Fortunately, things seem to be calming down (including airline prices) and we are excited to move forward while reflecting on what we learned after 2 seasons of touring under our belts. One of the most important lessons we learned was that things can change – quickly and often!

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen frequent changes in entry and exit regulations across the countries we run our tours in. Most countries, specifically in Europe, have now removed Covid-related entry and travel regulations. Based on this development, we have decided to remove the vaccine requirement for our European tours in 2023. For our tours in Chile and Argentina running from January to March 2023, we are keeping the vaccination requirement. This is due to the fact that Chile is currently still requiring proof of Covid vaccination to enter tourism establishments. We will be keeping an eye on the further development of entry or in-country requirements based on vaccine status and will re-evaluate, though we consider it unlikely that full requirements as we’ve seen them in the past will be re-established.

During this 2022 travel season we also learned how to manage Covid-19 as it impacted a number of our travelers and their tours. What we learned was that we strongly recommend you purchase a travel insurance policy that includes trip delay or interruption coverage. Also, we are confident that our Covid on Tour Safety Protocols have helped us manage cases on tour – we will maintain these until local public health authorities eliminate concerns about Covid-19 as a pandemic or don’t consider it a public health emergency.

2023 may still demand a bit more flexibility as you consider your travel plans, but we are confident that a new normal is stabilizing. We also realized as we revised our terms and conditions to reflect a more “stable” travel environment that we can continue to keep a portion of our flexible cancellation policies moving forward. You can see our terms on our Terms and Conditions page.

We can’t wait to see you on the road soon,

Monica and Maria Elena Malpezzi Price

P.S. You can find links to all the important details about how Covid can impact travel below.

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