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Travel and COVID-19

by Maria Elena Price - Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A note from ExperiencePlus! Owners, Monica and Maria Elena Price:

Dear Fellow Travelers,

As you certainly have noticed, travel planning (and life in general) has become a bit more complicated these days. And while we wish we knew exactly what will happen in the weeks and months to come, it is impossible to predict the future. Many of you have reached out to offer words of support and we want to thank you.

If there is a silver lining to all of this, it is that the majority of people we talk with from across the world are experiencing similar feelings and a a newly found sense of global connection that we hope will remain when life returns to normal. We are finding renewed gratitude for the small pleasures in life: slowing down and waving at our neighbors as they walk by, taking long walks with the dog, jumping on our bikes (for those who can) and enjoying longer conversations with our travelers and our greater ExperiencePlus! community.

Because of the current unpredictable circumstances, we updated our Terms and Conditions with the goal of allowing everyone flexibility to make travel decisions. You will notice we are encouraging travelers who have already booked tours to leave money on account for future travel in a variety of ways. This allows you to to keep the full value of your funds, including the option to transfer funds to others, and at the same time is the best way to support ExperiencePlus!

We feel lucky that since taking the wheel from our parents over 10 years ago we have kept ExperiencePlus! debt free and built up capital reserves to help us through a rainy day. Admittedly this is a bit more than a rainy day and requires some serious planning, but it is because of the strength and support of our community that we are energized to continue working hard in anticipation of running our next tour. We sincerely believe that travel will be the best way for us all to recover from the current situation – once we understand how to do it in the safest way possibly. We hope to soon be getting out in the world and reconnecting with people and places both familiar and new and to provide the financial boost we can to small businesses, hotels, restaurants and tour leaders like those we work with each year.

Travel and Coronavirus: Our Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Travel FAQ


Maria Elena Price - Maria Elena Malpezzi-Price: 'M.E.' started her bicycle tour leading experiences as a 5 year old, translating ice cream flavors on our first Venice to Pisa tours. Since then, she's led tours in more than 10 countries (specializing in Spain, where she lived for more than a year). With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and International Affairs and an MBA From the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder she manages the business and its development at the Fort Collins office in Colorado (and of course traveling to Europe in the summers). She loves going out on tour and hopes to manage to travel a bit even though now she is "in charge" of the Fort Collins office! You can e-mail her at MariaElena {at}

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