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Travel and COVID-19

by ExperiencePlus! - Saturday, August 14, 2021

A note from ExperiencePlus! Owners, Monica and Maria Elena Price:

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Travel planning (and life in general) has become a bit more complicated these days. And while we wish we knew exactly what the future holds, if there is anything we have learned in these past months it is that things can change unexpectedly.

Nobody could have imagined what a global shut down would be like and after this shared experience we hope this newly found sense of global connection will remain when life returns to normal.

As we evaluate each departure moving forward in 2021 our primary concern is that there is as little risk to the locals or our travelers.  With that in mind, we have decided that for the remainder of this year all travelers who join us will be required to be vaccinated. Although vaccination rates are speeding up across the globe, people who are unvaccinated are still at much greater risk of infection.

For those joining us in 2021 we’re excited to say that the trips that have run so far have been more than successful. People are feeling very safe on tour and they are thrilled to be back out on the road.

We have posted our full slate of 2022 trips for those who would prefer to wait a bit before embarking on a long haul flight. As you consider whether you want to travel this year or next, we strongly believe that you should decide based on what you are comfortable with to stay safe and healthy.   We also think this will be an incredible time to explore places that are often full of travelers.

Because of the current unpredictable circumstances that are inherent to this pandemic we will maintain our flexible Covid-19 Terms and Conditions..

We sincerely believe that active and experiential travel will be the best way for us all to recover and reconnect.  We hope to soon be getting out in the world and reconnecting with people and places both familiar and new and to provide the financial boost we can to small businesses, hotels, restaurants and tour leaders like those we work with each year.

Monica and Maria Elena Malpezzi Price

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