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by Carol Busch - Thursday, June 23, 2022

From the depths of wild Patagonia to the ancient history of the Dodecanese Islands, our new tour offerings for 2023 will tempt you with adventure, beauty, culture, cuisine, and unforgettable cycling. With Expeditions on two continents, a return to Tuscany, and a new and improved bike and boat tour in Greece, you might have a hard time deciding where to go next! We’re finalizing the day-by-day itineraries and reservations will open in July.

New itineraries often fill up fast so we recommend you let us know which tour(s) tempt you. We’ll follow-up with final details in the coming weeks.   

Expedition: Cycling Chile's Carretera Austral

This unforgettable cycling journey travels through some of South America’s most conserved and protected wildlands. Partly paved and partly gravel, the infamous 1,240 kilometer long Carretera Austral, or “Ruta 7,” is the life blood of the vast and remote reaches of Chilean Patagonia. We’ll pedal a full two-thirds of the route until the southern shores of Lago General Carrera. Whether you come for the scenic beauty, the remote wildness or the challenging cycling, this unparalleled experience will capture all your senses. Highlights include eight national parks and reserves, lakes Yelcho, Rosselot, Risopatrón, and General Carrera, Puerto Chacabuco, fjords, volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, geopolitical intrigue, and a seemingly vanished culture.

  • Date: January 7-23, 2023  |  17 days/16 nights
  • Price: $7,895
  • Est. Distance: 1,023 km/ 640 miles
  • Level: 5 due to challenging terrain, long days, remoteness and 65/35 percent pavement to gravel with 4 days entirely gravel
  • E-bikes will not be available

Expedition: Cycle Europe's Alpine Arc - Lyon to Ljubljana

Lyon is a fitting city to kick off a 24-day tour that features bike paths, quiet roads, legendary mountain passes, breathtaking natural beauty, and day after day of incredible riding to one of Europe’s most charming capital cities. Our route follows the Rhone River into Switzerland, along the shores of Lake Geneva, and into the upper Rhone valley before crossing into northern Italy’s Lake District, Lombardy, the Dolomites, and finally the Carnic Alps, Lake Bled and Slovenia. This tour is perfect for seasoned cyclists who delight in epic, multi-country rides over varied and sometimes challenging terrain. Highlights include Lyon, Lake Geneva, Canton Valais in Switzerland, Como, Italy, the Italian Lake District including Lakes Maggiore, Como, Lugano and Garda, Italy’s Dolomites, Trento, Madonna del Ghisallo, and Slovenia’s Lake Bled and Ljubljana.

  • Date:  July 2-24, 2023 | 23 days/22 nights
  • Price: Coming soon!
  • Est. Distance: 1,455 km/904 miles
  • Level: 5 challenging terrain, long days, occasional trafficked roads, mountain passes, and length of tour
  • E-bikes are not available

Bike and Boat: Cycling Greece's Dodecanese Islands

With great anticipation we expand our Greece offerings by adding a bike and boat tour of the Dodecanes Islands. Once a part of the Ottoman empire and later controlled by Italy until the mid-20th Century, the Dodecanese – literally meaning 12 islands – are best enjoyed by boat, which we’ll sleep aboard for 7 nights before spending the last 3 days on the Plus! tour island-hopping by ferry. You’ll cycle quiet roads on hilly terrain and explore nine different islands. Swim in secluded bays, and discover the wonderful medieval enclave of Rhodes Old Town, the gorgeous ensemble of Neoclassical mansions that surrounds the harbor on Sými, the grandiose temple-sanatorium of Asklepion on Kos, the rugged landscapes of Kálymnos, the cave and monastery on Pátmos, and much more. Although days aren’t super long, there’s plenty of climbing, making this tour likely a level 3 in difficulty.

  • Dates: TBA May and October  | 12 Days/11 Nights or 8 days/7 nights
  • Price: Coming soon!
  • Est. Distance: 450 km/280 mi or 290 km/180 mi
  • Level: 3*
  • E-bikes available

*Subject to change based on final assessment.

Explorer: White Roads of Tuscany

In 1997, 92 cyclists pedaled out of Gaiole in Chianti, to protest the paving of Tuscany’s white gravel roads, or strade bianche. Now an annual event, L’Eroica celebrates pure cycling joy and has inspired the development of our third Explorer-style tour among the white roads of Tuscany. From Siena to Orvieto you’ll discover a side of Tuscany that few people see. Ride romantic and famed winding cypress-lined roads, visit hilltop towns, and immerse yourself in one of the most photographed areas of Italy – the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage designated landscape. Highlights include the Renaissance and Medieval towns of Siena and Orvieto plus riding through small, medieval Tuscan villages, or “borgos”, thermal spa towns, and stunning views everywhere you look. Days are longer on Explorer tours since it takes time to ride gravel (but like all Explorer tours, the route is a mix of off pavement and paved). If you are used to riding on gravel, you’ll love these routes. If you are new to gravel, this is a great way to see if you have a taste for it!

  • Dates:  TBA May & September |  7 Days/ 6 Nights
  • Price: Coming soon!
  • Est. Distance:  270 km/168 miles
  • Level: 2.5*
  • E-bikes available

*Subject to change based on final assessment.

Carol Busch - Carol had the great fortune to develop her passion for bicycle travel in the late 1990s when she first worked for ExperiencePlus! as a marketing associate, tour guide, and tour developer. Convinced she needed to find ‘more purposeful’ work, she went back to graduate school and spent the next two decades working in non-profit and higher education marketing and communications. Carol returned to ExperiencePlus! in 2021 as Sales and Marketing Manager. Whether mountain biking, backcountry skiing, trail running, fly fishing, or exploring gravel roads, Carol is continually in pursuit of new adventure.

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