September 2012 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, September 6, 2012 ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

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Welcome to the September 2012 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Cyclists in Lithuania - August 2012

Happy Summer!

As expected, August flew by.  Our time in Colorado was filled with celebrations and beginnings.  Maria Elena and Seth were married in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado with family and friends coming in from far and wide – we’re pretty sure the local economy saw a bit of a boost, or at least we’re hoping so.

Our ExpeditionPlus! bicycle tour from St. Petersburg to Istanbul began a few days after the wedding with ExperiencePlus! founder Rick Price leading the group along with local guides from the ten countries they’ll bicycle through on their way to Istanbul, Turkey – arriving on the 27th of September.  We are lucky to get almost daily updates through our Pedal Press Journal – we invite you to share in their adventures.  We’ve already set the date for this trip for 2013 as well as our new Euro Velo 6 ExpeditionPlus! tour across Europe.  Give us a call as we have quite a list going already (the 2012 St. Petersburg Expedition sold out by November of 2011!). You’ll also save $400 per person if you register by November 15th.

This month we’re highlighting some exciting new itineraries in Europe in 2013.  Of course if you are looking to travel before next spring, our South American trips might just fit the bill – check out our tours in Patagonia, Northern Argentina and Chile’s Wine Country.

Perhaps more importantly this month our recipe features zucchini! We imagine that most of you are growing tired of zucchini breads, cakes, casseroles so check out this zucchini salad recipe with a Provençal twist.  And lastly – don’t forget that our Early Booking Discount is in full swing.  Book before November 15th on any 2013 tour in Europe, or any fall 2013 South American tour and you’ll receive $200 off.

Until next month, we wish you all the best,

Monica and Maria Elena

Early Booking Discounts and Re-Cycle Rewards

Perhaps better than chocolate - ExperiencePlus! discounts.

Our 2013 Early Biking Discount and Re-Cycle Rewards may not be Swiss chocolate but it is still pretty sweet.

Check out the ways you can save by booking early.

2013 Cycling Tours in Europe – Get Ready to Ride

Catalonia with ExperiencePlus! Bicycling Tours

2013 is going to be stellar for cycling in Europe as ExperiencePlus! has all of our classic itineraries and some exciting new options — Catalonia in northern Spain, a border hopping tour through Austria, Slovenia and Italy. We are also heading back to one of our favorite places to ride, Ireland.

Check out our new bicycling tours for 2013!

South America

Although winter seems far off, it is just around the corner. See if a trip in South America is in the cards for a refuge from the wintertime gray, and find yourself sipping wine in a Chilean wine cellar, cycling in a red rock canyon in Northern Argentina, or marveling at the ever present snow capped volcanoes in Patagonia’s Lakes District in 2013!

South America is becoming a destination for cyclists, wine aficionados, and curious travelers–is it on your radar yet?

Book Review: Machiavelli by Ross King

Machiavelli by Ross King

To be called Machiavellian is to be considered duplicitous, to be a person who acts in bad faith. If you look past the stereotype you will discover of man of wit and wisdom; a man who is rightfully considered the father of political science.

Read the rest of ExperiencePlus! traveler Bill Giovinazzo compelling review of Ross King’s Machiavelli.

Recipe: Zucchini Salad with Mint and Provençal Rosemary Almonds

Zucchini it's everywhere!

Spring arrives and you innocently plant not one but TWO zucchini plants in the garden – after all, one could die. Well, the time of reckoning has arrived!

Don’t despair. Here’s a wonderful zucchini recipe with a Provençal twist.

Happy Cycling until next month!

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