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by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, November 1, 2012 ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

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Welcome to the November 2012 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Greetings from Colorado and Italy!Monica and Maria Elena Malpezzi Price near our headquarters in Italy

In our line of work we are lucky enough to participate and enjoy all that is beautiful about the natural world – but it is a humbling moment when that is turned on its head.  To the millions of people affected by super-storm Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  If anyone is involved in any relief efforts or know of fundraising events we would be happy to help spread the word on our social media platforms so just let us know the details.

This month our newsletter features a few cycling destinations that should be on your radar.  We have a review of the Irish film The Boys and Girl from County Claire, a recipe for tortillas from Catalonia, a blog and interview featuring Germany’s Bavaria region, and Maria Elena shares her favorite highlights from our trips down South,  Cycling Chile’s Wine Country.

News from the bike shop:  did you know that ExperiencePlus! has the largest fleet of tandems of any bicycle touring company in Europe and we include the rental in the price of your tour? You can find out more below or give us a call if you have any questions about our bikes!

And finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the $200, per person, Early Booking Discount you must submit your $500 deposit by November 15th. This discount is good for all of our tours in Europe as well as our September and October departures in Chile and Argentina. ExpeditionPlus! riders earn a $400 discount with their $1000 deposit.

Wherever you are this week, stay safe – and we hope to see you on your bike soon,

Maria Elena and Monica

Cycling and Sampling in Chile’s Wine Country

Chile’s central valley is home to most of Chile’s top wineries, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains it’s the perfect climate for growing grapes. Landscapes are reminiscent of Napa, California and cyclists will discover 201 level rides over fabulous secondary roads and curious locals, making it a perfect place to explore by bike. .

Maria Elena’s shares some of her favorite things about this amazing ride through Chile’s Wine Country.

Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads

Bicycling Bavaria's back Roads along the Romantic Road

The Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads ride tends to play second fiddle to our award-winning tour along the Danube, but travelers who’ve joined us to explore this area all mark it as one of their favorites.

We have an interview with three of our veteran travelers (Sonny Lange, Dave Forester, Irwin Fefergrad) and a blog from Jane and Rod Harris who did the trip in 2012 so read on to discover Bavaria’s Back Roads.

Tandems Available in Europe

Dick and Jerry Smallwood enjoy cycling the Languedoc on their ExperiencePlus! tandem

ExperiencePlus! has offered quality tandems (at no additional charge) for our European cycling tours for more than a decade.

Read more about your bicycle built for two options.

Movie Review: The Boys and Girl from County Clare

The Boys and Girl from Country Claire

Looking for an opportunity to get some Irish culture, to savor the flavor and sound of traditional food and music of the Emerald Isle? Go ahead and rent a movie from our Ireland film recommendation page, or if this review fits your fancy, check it out! We’ve included a recipe for Irish Soda Bread so your night can be appropriately themed.

Recipe: Catalan-Style Tortilla

Catalonia Tortilla - image courtesy of Running Magazine - Canada

Spanish omelets or tortillas are one of the most common dishes in Spain and though most are made with potatoes the French influenced Catalan version uses chick peas instead. You can enjoy a tortilla for a snack, lunch or light dinner combined with a salad. This version of the tortilla comes to us from the Catalonia region which many of you will be exploring with us in 2013 on our new 201 rated tour through the area.

Until then enjoy a little taste of Catalonia and the Costa Brava.

Happy Cycling until next month!

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