New Paths to Pedal in 2015

by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, August 7, 2014

ExperiencePlus! is pleased to introduce you to three new cycling destinations for 2015.

France: Cycling Brittany and Normandy small_mtstmichele
Just across the channel from southern England, France’s Brittany and Normandy regions have a history, culture and cuisine all their own. You’ll pedal past charming cities, soaring cli¬s, ancient ruins, cottage industries— and wartime beaches that have the power to move you with their stillness. Highlights include:

  • Maritime fortresses of Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel
  • Emerald Coast resorts and beaches
  • Medieval châteaux and abbeys
  • Artisan metal works, farms, cideries and bakeries
  • Naval history spanning from William the Conqueror and French corsairs to D-Day and beyond

Itinerary options: 7 and 11 days. Departures in June and August.
Tour level rating: 301

Portugal: Cycling the Alentejo Plus! Costa Vincentina small_monsaraz
Explore Portugal’s south-central lands and west coast with undulating wheat fields, cork and eucalyptus trees, olive orchards and vineyards. As the western outpost of continental Europe, this region harmonizes centuries of ancient, Roman, Arabic, Medieval and Renaissance influences, delicately framed by stunning beaches and endless blue sky. Highlights include:

  • Beautiful, serene historic hotels—including one that’s also a cooking school!
  • Roman ruins, rural paradise and one of the most ancient towns in Europe
  • Alqueva reservoir, one of the world’s best places for stargazing
  • Artisan centers of pottery, tapestry, winemaking and marblework
  • Rugged coastline, surfing and the continent’s most southwestern point

Itinerary options: 8 or 12 days. Departures in April and October
Tour level rating 201 / 301

2015 ExpeditionPlus! – Venice to Kalamata Don't miss the boat. South American tours are on sale.
From Venice’s 117 islands and 409 bridges at the head of the Adriatic Sea, we’ll wind eastward along the coast toward the heart of Ancient Greece. En route, we’ll explore:

  • Wetlands and fisheries at the foot of the Alps
  • The oft disputed border city of Trieste, and its unique blend of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures
  • A sliver of Slovenia and the limestone islands of North Croatia and the Dalmatian coast
  • Split, Croatia’s cosmopolitan coastal city, which was at one time a Greek colony, a Roman capital, a Byzantine outpost, a Republic of Venice, a Hungarian protectorate, and an autonomous city
  • The fortified sea-commerce hub of Dubrovnik
  • Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia
  • Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage site and World Network Biosphere Reserve
  • Relics of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires
  • Greece’s rural farms, crisp mountain ranges and other settings of mythical proportions

Itinerary options: Approximately 28 days. Begins in September
Tour Level Rating: 501

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