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by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, May 2, 2013 ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

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Welcome to the May 2013 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Spring fever in Ft. Collins, CO has been tempered by weekly blizzards and winter storm warnings. Thankfully Europe is basking in the sun as we shovel our sidewalks. Nevertheless, the travel bug is difficult to contain and despite the weather the excitement for bicycle touring in Europe is building here at ExperiencePlus! Cycling the rugged Costa Brava

As our European office is busy with the logistics of kicking off the season, anticipation for our own travels from the Colorado “home” office are in the works.  I (Maria Elena) am excited to be joining our inaugural trip in Catalonia’s Costa Brava.  Inaugural trips have always been a favorite because although I may have been over the route before, traveling and experiencing it with a group for the first time makes all of the highlights and special corners we explore more meaningful.   I look forward to hearing from my fellow riders about their favorite parts of the trip – maybe the ride to Cap de Creus, maybe the small town of Peratallada, the Dalí museum, or simply the delightful realization that there is so much more to this region than Barcelona and the coast (although this trip features both of those too!)  For us launching a new tour is sort of like introducing your significant other to your parents: you want their approval and you want them to appreciate and value all of the great things you’ve found.   I think there is an excellent chance that this tour will score big, but I’ll have to let you know next month.

Julie Horton is also packing her bags this month as she heads to Sardinia to ride the largest island in the Mediterranean. It might be too late for you to join Julie or me, but there are still spaces available on the Sardinia and Costa Brava trips in September. Or join Jo Baldwin in Ireland for some fantastic rides, music and Guinness in Ireland, or Joeann Gutowski will be cycling one of our other favorite islands in Corsica come September.

We expect (please!) sunny skies for our spring warm-up ride here in Ft Collins on Saturday, and hope that you are enjoying the same wherever you may be.

Maria Elena from Colorado and Monica from sunny Italy

Send A Teacher Traveling Award Winner Announced

2013 SATT Winner Kelly Barofsky

ExperiencePlus! is very pleased to announce that we have a 2013 Send A Teacher Traveling award winner.

Learn more about our very deserving recipient here.

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Cristina Taioli Tours the U.S.


This month Italian Tour Leader Cristina Taioli’s reflects on the American quirks and foreign customs she learned about on her grand tour of the U.S. visiting ExperiencePlus! travelers and sharing the gospel of bicycling, travel and all things Italian.

Read more about Cristina’s experiences here.

A Taste of Aphrodisiac Diamonds on Tour by Tour Leader Pia de Richemont


What did Marilyn Monroe, Mussolini and President Truman have in common? Fame? Certainly. Insomnia? Quite likely. But the three of them also shared a partiality for truffles (Latin name: tuber magnatum).

Read more of ExperiencePlus! tour leader Pia de Richemont’s humorous and informative commentary on truffles.

Book Reviews: The Lead Goat Veered Off by Neil Anderson

The Lead Goat Veered Off By Neil Anderson

Prepare to laugh as you read The Lead Goat Veered Off because Neil Anderson has a fabulous sense of humor. He and his wife Sharon spent several months bicycling all over Sardinia and share their voyage, their wit and enthusiasm for this incredible island, its people and animals.

Read Julie’s review of The Lead Goat Veered Off: A Bicycling Adventure on Sardinia.

Recipe: Tuscan Rosemary Bread

Tuscan Bread

For you homemade bread connoisseurs, we’ve got a new simple and elegant Italian recipe for you. Take some time in the kitchen this month and make these small rosemary loaves for yourself.  No guarantees it will rival one you could pick up on the Best of Southern Tuscany tour, but it’s worth a shot.

Check out Jo Baldwin’s recipe for Tuscan Rosemary Bread.

Happy Cycling until next month!

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