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It’s Time for Spring Training!

by Jessie Beyer - Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Training for Cyclists of All Levels

Get back into shape with these great cycling programs!

Most of us are guilty of going into semi-hibernation during the winter. Cold weather lends itself to swapping out a bike ride for a book and some warm comfort food. But now that warm weather is starting to arrive, so does that itch to get out and ride again, and we have just the tips you need to get back on your bike and into into peak cycling shape for your next bicycle tour.

Trust us, we know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, so if you’re looking for a great way to begin training for your next tour, look no further!  ExperiencePlus! has bicycle training programs designed specifically for our cycling tours.   Take a look at our bicycle tour training programs, find the level of difficulty that looks right for you and hit the road. With custom training programs breaking out weekly workouts there’s no excuse for you not to hop on your bike!

Before you even jump right on your bike you might consider taking your bike in for a tune-up at the local bike shop so that it’s in top shape as you jump back into regular riding habits. And don’t forget to make sure your bike is still correctly fitted to your needs for a comfortable ride before you get back into your regular riding habit again. Taking basic measures like these ensure you’re set up for a safe and comfortable cycles season. Take a look at some of our suggestions and articles covering many aspects of getting back into cycling shape here.

Still need some motivation to get back on a bike? Book a bicycle tour! There’s no better way to get yourself excited about jumping on a bike than counting down the days until you’re cycling through vineyards in the South of France, or past some of Bavaria’s best-preserved villages. Feel free to contact us for more help finding just the tour for you!

*Psssst, Colorado riders: kickoff your spring training by joining us on our annual Spring Ride on Saturday, April 28th! You can find details and RSVP here.

Jessie Beyer - Originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Jessie headed west for college and never looked back. She earned a Journalism and Technical Communications degree from Colorado State University, and has since worked in a variety of industries including radio, sustainability, and wine tourism. Jessie combines her passion for travel, cycling, and storytelling to help people understand the unique power of exploring the world from the seat of a bike. A self-proclaimed travel junkie, Jessie has found herself on many extended adventures. She spent 2015 exploring many corners of the world including tramping through New Zealand's mountains, cycling through Europe, and hitching a boat ride down the Mekong river from Laos into Thailand. At home in Colorado you'll likely find her singing her way up mountain trails, talking to strangers, and seeking restaurants with patios and Spanish wines.

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